Stop right-wing misinformation in the media.


What can you do when the airwaves are riddled with conservative misinformation, slanted “news,” reckless vitriol and right-wing extremists? 
You can stand with Media Matters and help amplify our work as the independent organization that monitors and corrects more media misinformation than anyone out there. In fact, we monitor at least 200 hours of live television news and 50 hours of conservative talk radio each week, in addition to our print media monitoring and general research and analysis. 
This year, we’ve seen the effects of turning our work into action and we’re ready to take it even further in 2012. Click here to make a tax-deductible contribution to this work.
Thanks to your efforts and support, we’ve seen incredible success this year including the departure of Glenn Beck from his Fox talk show and our successful Drop Fox campaign that educated advertisers about the pitfalls of sponsoring the Fox News political operation, and a series of invaluable reports – like the one that showed how the cable news media excluded economists from major economic discussions surrounding the debt ceiling – which brought dramatic attention to the media’s impact on issues important to us all. 
We’re creating a new breed of media watchdogs. Donate now to support and strengthen this crucial work. 
This is a critical and exciting time, the 99% of Americans who are fed up with an unfair and unjust status quo are starting to stand up, and we know that by further developing our tools and cultivating engaged online communities we can make great strides in reclaiming the dialogue and restoring responsibility to our media landscape —not from the top, but from the bottom. 
Help us make that possible right now. 
Matt Butler
President and CEO
Media Matters for America

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