STAY OUT OF SYRIA ISSUE!   On Syria: What to Do in 2013
By: R.Falk
I took part last week in an illuminating conference on Syria sponsored by the new Center of Middle East Studies that is part of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. This Center has been recently established, and operates under the excellent leadership ofNader Hashemi and Danny Postel, who previously together edited the best collection of readings on the Green Revolution in Iran published under the title THE PEOPLE RELOADED. 
The conference brought together a mixture of Syrian specialists, Syrian activists, and several of us with a more general concern about conflict in the region, as well as with human rights and as participants in the heated debates of recent years about the virtues and vices of ‘humanitarian intervention’, what is now being called ‘Responsibility to Protect of ‘R2P’ in UN circles and among liberals. I came to the gathering with a rather strong disposition to present myself as a confirmed R2P skeptic, regarding it as a cynical geopolitical euphemism for what Noam Chomsky labeled as ‘military humanism’ in the context of the controversial NATOKosovo War of 1999.
Ever since the Vietnam War I have viewed all Western claims to use force in the post-colonial non-West with suspicionI support presumptions in favor of non-intervention and self-determination, both fundamental norms of international law. But I left the conference dissatisfied with my position that nothing more could or should be done at the international level to help end the violence in Syria or to assist the struggle of the Syrian people. I became convinced that human solidarity with the ordeal of the Syrian people was being deeply compromised by the advocacy of passivity in the face of the criminality of the Damascus government, although what to do that is genuinely helpful remains extremely difficult to discern.
In the immediate background of the debate on Syrian policy are the bad memories of stealth diplomacy used by the United States and several European partners in March 2011 to gain UN Security Council backing for the establishment of a No Fly Zone to protect the beleaguered and endangered population of the Libyancity of Benghazi. What ensued from the outset of the UN authorized mission in Libya was a blatant disregard of the limited mandate to protect the population of a city from a threatened massacre. In its place, the NATO undertaking embarked on a concerted regime-changing NATO mission that ended with the unseemly execution of the Libyan dictator.
What NATO purported to do was not only oblivious to Libya’s sovereignty, it was unmistakably a deliberate and dramatic extension of the authorized mission that understandably infuriated the autocrats in Moscow. A case could certainly have been made that in order to protect the Libyan people it was necessary to rid the country of the Qaddafi regime, but such an argument was never developed in the Security Council debate, and would never have been accepted.
Against such a background, the wide gap between what was approved by the UN Security Council vote and what was done in breach of the mandate was perceived as a betrayal of trust in the setting of the Security Council, particularly by those five governments opposed to issuing a broader writ for the intervention, governments that had been deceptively induced to abstain on the ground that the UN authorization of force was limited to a single one-off protective, emergency mission.Global diplomacy being what it is and was, there should be no surprise, and certainly no condescending self-righteous lectures delivered by Western diplomats, in reaction to the rejectionist postures adopted by Russia and China throughout the Syrian crisis. Of course, two wrongs hardly ever make a right, and do not here. NATO’s flagrant abuse of the UN mandate for Libya should certainly not be redressed at the expense of the Syrian people.
In this respect, it is lamentable that those who shape policy in Moscow and Beijing are displaying indifference to the severity of massive crimes of humanity, principally perpetrated by the Assad government, as well as to the catastrophic national and regional effects of a continuing large-scale civil war in Syria[ED NOTES:NOTICE HE DOESNT EVEN MENTION ROLE BY SAUDIS ,QATAR,TURKISH,AND FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS ROLE IN FOMENTING SECTARIAN ATROCITIES IN CONFLICT,NOT ONE MENTION!!! 
There are sensible suggestions for establishing local ceasefires in the considerable areas in the countryside under the control of rebel forces, for supplying food and medical supplies to the population by means of protected ‘humanitarian corridors,’ and for taking steps to improve the woeful lot of Syrian refugees currently facing inadequate accommodations and unacceptable hardships in Lebanon and Jordan. Such steps should be taken, but are unlikely to hasten or alter outcome of the conflict. Can more be done?
I would further recommend a broad policy of support for civil society activists within Syria and outside who are dedicated to a democratic inclusive governing process that affirms human rights for all, and promises constitutional arrangements that will privilege no one ethnic or religious identity and will give priority to the protection of minorities. There are encouraging efforts underway by networks of Syrian activists, working mainly from Washington and Istanbul, to project such a vision as a program in the form of a Freedom Charter that aspires to establish a common platform for a future beneficial for all of Syria’s people. The odds of success for this endeavor of politics from below seem remote at present for these activist undertakings, but they deserve our support and confidence.
[ed notes:just citing few paragraphs,click link for whole article…meanwhile,what appears to be his opposition against r2p and NATO intervention,is in reality still,just an endorsement of the destabilization of Syria by west and its proxy forces,aided by the GCC monarchies,wich he conveniently leaves out of course!!!Now moving on,some backround on the new touted center lol  heres some of what they promote there>>>  Newsroom  Government Actions in a Terror Environment-Israel Dataset is Released  (GET THE PICTURE?WHAT ABOUT THIS NEXT ONE?)  Josef Korbel School Professor Ben Gochman takes students from his class: North American Defense and Security, to meet with key security officials.  now lets focus on nader hashemi who runs the korbel center wich he (falk) just attended.. Announcing the Opening of the Center for Middle East Studies Professor Nader Hashemi is thrilled to announce the establishment of the Center for Middle East Studies (CMES) at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, the first research institute of its kind in Colorado.
NIAC has been, according to its 2003 annual report, a recipient of grants from the following U.S. foundations[1]:The Open Society Institute National Endowment for Democracy


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Mar 15, 2010 – The panel included Nader Hashemi,. Co-editor of The People … NIACalso hosted these speakers at the event: Rep. Keith. Ellison (D-MN)

POMED | Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED) | Page 18

May 16, 2011 – POMED Notes: “What is Democracy Assistance? … for Democratic Studies at the National Endowment for Democracy hosted a conference …. The panel included Nader Hashemi

Danny Postel is Interfaith Worker Justice‘s “Communications Coordinator and the editor of the organization’s quarterly publication, Faith Works. Before coming to IWJ, Danny worked as Senior Editor of the online magazine openDemocracy  Danny Postel Open Democracy, accessed March 17, 2009.
[ED NOTES:why is he (FALK) attending a  conference on Syria at a center ran by a green movement reject tied to neocons and with soros agent present?doesnt he know they are C.I.A. backed?prove it?see (EXPOSED) CFR’s DECEITFUL NEW REPORT TARGETTING IRAN(read my ed notes on green movement… exposed!)  Older Post – THENAKEDFACTS      IRANGREENMOVEMENTEXPOSED     Older Post – THENAKEDFACTS     Older Post – THENAKEDFACTS

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