Statement from Oldknow Academy.


On behalf of all staff, students and governors of Oldknow Academy, who have worked so diligently to
raise standards to outstanding for our children, we want to express our heartfelt disappointment at
Ofsted’s decision to place our academy into special measures.

We absolutely support and respect Ofsted’s role, which is to ensure all schools are accountable, open
and transparent. However, we categorically reject Ofsted’s grading of our school as inadequate.

Like many other Birmingham schools, we were inspected in a climate of suspicion and fear. Our
children have been subjected to intrusive, politically driven and inappropriate questioning which
cannot go unchallenged.

Ofsted’s report has found absolutely no evidence of extremism within Oldknow Academy. Ofsted has
found no evidence of strict Islamic practices in our academy either. This was the premise upon which
these inspections took place.

We unequivocally reject claims that any member of staff altered the curriculum in an attempt to
deceive inspectors.

Today we find ourselves in uncharted territory. The ‘Trojan Horse’ letter tipped our school and others
into an unprecedented media storm, causing enormous anxiety and stress for pupils, parents, staff
and governors. The allegations in this unsigned, undated, unattributable letter provoked intense
scrutiny. Along with many other Birmingham schools our children and staff have been subjected to
bizarre lines of interrogation which did not yield the evidence Ofsted were seeking.

Oldknow Academy was, and continues to be, a successful and highly effective academy. We are
committed to delivering an outstanding quality of education to children in our community. This will
not change.

We will continue to strive to protect and educate our children. The governing body, staff, parents and
pupils are united in their wish to do their utmost to educate and enhance the life experiences and
educational achievements of our children. This is our absolute priority.

Sadly, the end result is that our school community has been demonised and misrepresented by
spurious allegations which remain unsubstantiated. Critically, confidential Ofsted reports have been
leaked to the media, creating a distorted image of our academy and causing distress and anxiety.

We acknowledge that there is always room for further improvement but we do not accept that this is
a school that has slumped from outstanding to inadequate since our last inspection on 16th
and 17th

January 2013.

We have to naturally conclude that the decision to place our academy in special measures is a
politically driven act which impacts negatively on the children, staff and community. We would like to
reiterate that the academy has maintained its Outstanding grading for Quality of teaching and its
Outstanding grading for Achievement of pupils.


Oldknow Academy, Oldknow Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 0HU
t: 0121 464 8771 f:0121 464 3162
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