Spy Chief Admits US Doesn’t Know How Wikileaks Got Hillary Emails

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In resigning from the Obama administration Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted that US Intelligence Agencies do not know how or when Wikileaks received emails that embarrassed Hillary Clinton during her campaign.

One more lie has been exposed as Fake news involving a Hillary Clinton lie that was supposedly fact checked and then echoed throughout the corporate media echo chamber.

It’s part of a year long pattern of media lies which has resulted in corporate media news outlets losing nearly all of the public’s trust.

Just a few weeks ago, Hillary and the democrats were running around blaming everything on the Russians and in the Presidential Debate she lied to the public stating the WikiLeaks emails shouldn’t be trusted because they were hacked by Russia.

Doubling down on the that lie, she cited 17 US Intelligence agencies as the basis for her claim.

Well, there were only two and the first walked away from the claim not longer after the debate leaving the other 16, which is actually only one, headed by James Clapper, still validating the claim.

Clapper submitted his resignation today as the President-elect is set to take office in January and in doing so he made the stunning revelation that has been buried as a one-liner in media reports.

Via Washington Post (subscription required):

He said intelligence agencies don’t have good insight on when or how Wikileaks obtained the hacked emails.

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