(Spokesperson's Press 179) Thoroughly Reclaim All The Irregularities Of Lee Myung-Bak And Redeem Them All!

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(Press room report 179)
Thoroughly reclaim all the irregularities of Lee Myung Bak and redeem all those grieving gangs!
The arrest warrant for Lee Myung – bak was issued on the 22nd.
1. The court has a vocation for many parts of the crime, the seriousness of the crime, the seriousness of the crime and the seriousness of the crime. “He said. The prosecution filed a preliminary arrest warrant for bribery, tax portal, state treasury loss, embezzlement, abuse of authority, and violation of presidential records law. The prosecution plans to investigate illegal inspections and concealment of civilians during the Lee Myung-bak regime, the illegal intervention of the 18th and 19th general elections, and political interventions of institutions. The new impetus for the liquidation of the evil has been laid by the redemption of limited expressive demolition Lee Myung Bak.
2. You must thoroughly reclaim all irregular property of Lee. The prosecutors’ investigation revealed that the slush funds of 35 billion won and the bribe of 11 billion won are the minimum minimum funds that have been revealed. At least 23 trillion won has been spent in the media to reveal the four-room corruption, and there is no end to the use of public funds, bribery, embezzlement or bribery. Investigations are underway on the signing of an illegal secret military agreement with the United Arab Emirates. Civil society organizations are urging thorough investigation into the four rivers and resource diplomacy. Recently, MBC reported that the police used the 70,000 conservative groups to make comments. You must not forget Lee Myung Bak’s greatest crime, which has created a demolition regime and ruined your country.
3. All of Lee Myung-bak’s guilty gang must be redeemed. Lee ‘s relatives, friends and relatives took enormous profits by carrying Lee Myung Bak to his back and committing all kinds of crime. Samsung paid $ 6.7 million for dozens of lawsuits, and Hyundai has raised more than 450 percent of its claims. It has already been revealed that the anti-Korean conglomerates have been granted all kinds of preferences with Lee Myung-bak. The free Korean government has confessed to Lee Myung – bak and Han Kyeong – suh that it is a modern version of the Chosun – era Oksa that destroyed the three tribes. Freedom korea, which gave birth to Lee, Myung – bak and Park, Geun – hye, who are limited evils, is a limited expressive political party to be dismissed immediately.
Lee ‘s redemption is only a signal of redemption of corruption, redemption of gangs, and clearing of evil.
March 22, 2018
People’s Democratic Party (Repatriation Welfare Party) Rep.

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