Like a barking dog emboldened by the fact a metal fence protects him from a real fight with whomever or whatever is on the other side, Pastor Terry Jones of the infamous Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida has officially announced his membership in the Confraternity of Cowards by refusing an open, honest, civil debate on the religion of Islam with Dr. Hesham Tillawi, President of the Islamic Center located in Lafayette, Louisiana.

After hearing the outrageous claims recently made publicly by Jones concerning the religion of Islam, what its adherents believe and the “threat” that Islam’s “Sharia Law” poses to Christian America, Tillawi issued the challenge to Jones that he put his money where his mouth is by debating the issue publicly in Jones’ hometown, any costs to Jones being reimbursed by Tillawi and Tillawi making the several hundred mile distance trip at his own expense and inconvenience.

Seemingly all-too-eager to get his face in front of a camera to discuss his church’s planned wiener roast of Islam’s most holy book, nevertheless when asked to debate the issue in an intelligent, civil manner with Dr. Tillawi, host of the weekly television program Current Issues, Jones suddenly found himself speechless, saying he does not “debate”, choosing instead to continue forth with the same tactics made famous by Communist and Fascist regimes of the last century–burning books.

Dr. Jones, author of the book “Islam Is Of The Devil”, contends that America is in a period of spiritual crisis, and that what is needed if the land of the free and home of the brave is to return to her Christian roots is a revival of sorts, and burning the Koran publicly is just the way to get the recuperative process going. In naming the plagues threatening the destruction of America’s Christian character, he lists abortion, pornography, gay marriage, and a host of similar moral ills, none of which are related to Islam in any way.

No doubt Jones’ decision to avoid the boxing ring stems from a recent tete-a-tete he had with a Muslim scholar who–after hearing the nonsense spewing forth from the pastor’s mouth–proceeded to take the pastor and his unfounded arguments concerning Islam apart molecule by molecule until there was nothing left except an embarrassing mess on the floor somewhere in Gainesville, Florida.

The interview, taking place on The Ugly Truth Podcast, hosted by independent journalist Mark Glenn and co-hosted by Nashid Abdul Khaaliq of www.ascertainthetruth.com proved to be an absolute disaster for Jones and his public standing. Beginning in an atmosphere of cordiality, nevertheless from there it took a sharp turn into tough issues Jones did not realize he would be asked to explain or discuss. When pressed to describe the co-relation between Islam and the aforementioned moral ills destroying the “Christian character” of America, Jones admitted flat out that Islam had nothing to do with them and that in all honesty America was in no danger of succumbing to the same “Sharia Law” that he contends will destroy everything if not stopped. Furthermore, when pressed to describe the real groups, persons and agendas behind the de-Christianizing of America and the subversion of her moral, political and cultural moorings, Jones admitted that the extremists directing the controlled demolition of American society were not Islamic in character, but rather Jewish. Furthermore, Jones agreed that on September the 11th, he would be burning copies of the Jewish Talmud along with the Koran.

After the airing of this interview, Jones was contacted by several independent journalists with follow-up questions concerning his double-speak with regards to Islam and whether he planned on burning the Talmud as promised. Jones’ first response was to deny that the interview on the Ugly Truth Podcast took place, saying it was a “hoax”, but then when cornered on that issue, admitted that the interview did indeed take place but that he had not said the aforementioned items. When soundfiles of the actual recording featuring him agreeing to burn the Talmud on September 11th were sent to him, leaving him no room to maneuver, he simply broke off all contact and refused any further correspondence. He ended the discussion by saying he had changed his mind about burning the Talmud (despite its hateful depictions of Jesus as a homosexual sorcerer boiling in hell and His mother as a prostitute) saying “We have many Jewish supporters and are thankful for that.”

At present Dr. Tillawi plans upon venturing forth to Gainesville for the proposed debate. Jones showing up for the intellectual boxing match is highly doubtful at this point, given the fact that–like that aforementioned dog sitting safely behind that aforedescribed steel fence, he will only bark when there is no chance he will actually be forced to bite.

Developments as they occur…

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