Spanish Cluster bombs dropped on Libya


Show me the evidence?

The Libyans have told them to bring on the evidence. Spanish cluster bombs with a batch number – you reckon the CIA has stockpiles of cluster bombs from various manufacturers which they just throw on the ground when it suits them?

The BBC is currently getting slaughtered in the comments to all their stories they publish on their web site. They’re no different to Rustavi 2. Nothing is mentioned the story about how disgraceful it is that an EU country actually made these things in the first place. Why such double standards?

No kidding – probably 95% of the comments on the last two Libya stories I’ve seen on the BBC have been hyper-critical of the coalition… and quite supportive of Gaddafi.

This cluster bomb story is almost too predictable. I think it originated in the NYT – not HRW. Funny, when you Google MAT-120 cluster bomb (no Libya) the results are filled with this story that Libya has used them, and the story is less than 24 hours old. I find that a little suspicious in itself.

What do you know about the source of cluster bombs for Kadafi, and I wonder if there are M-85, the same kind as sold to Georgia in bulk, now that would be an interesting nexus!!!

Here is what someone just sent to share:

“HRW is a fake human rights organization that has played dirty Pentagon politics for a long time. It was formed [by the same people in NED] to defame and discredit the Soviets during the Cold War, but not point at USA or its allies.

They are now blasting the media with hearsay of cluster bombs used by Kaddafi, which are verified by two unnamed local Libyan respondents. I wish you would try to put on their comments the cluster bomb stories you have about Gori and see how rights oriented they really are, and not just jerk off lying politics.”

There are only a few sources of Libyan cluster bombs, and the manufacturers of them are not into human rights, especially those that manufacture m-85s. Most wars are started by telling flat out lies so many times that they become truth; there are few sources of cluster bombs, Georgia and Israel have plenty and can get more.

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