South Korea: Stop The Killing Of The Kirisholb Eagle


(Speaker’s Room Report 178) Moon Jae-In Will Forever Stop The Killing Of The Kirisholb Eagle And Advance Toward The Peace And Reunification Of Our Nation.

(Press Room Press 178)
The Moon Jae-in will forever stop the killing of the Kirisholb eagle and advance toward the peace and reunification of our nation.
Finally, the military exercises of the Kirisholb eagle will be unveiled from the 1st.
1. The Ministry of National Defense and the ROK-US Combined Forces Command said the exercise will begin on April 1 and will be on a scale similar to the previous year. According to reports, the eagle will be practiced for one month from the 1st, and the kiri-solv will be practiced for two weeks from the 23rd. The exercises will be held from 1 to 8 on the large scale, and the LHD-1 and the soup basket will be practiced in the US landing class equipped with the F-35B stealth fighter. According to US military media star Stravins, 11,500 US troops and 290,000 Korean troops will participate in the eagle practice. It is an objectively massive bobble war practice to anyone.
2. US Deputy Spokesman Logan said, “There is no reason for North Korea to be provocative because of its defense-focused training.” And soup hammers are the first key forces to be hit in North Korea, and the F-35 is also capable of striking North Korean ships. Strategic assets such as nuclear submarines do not participate, but the power that is equal to strategic weapons is deployed. The practice of Ssangyong is also scheduled to take place with more than 5,000 people this year, as the number of US troops has increased significantly compared to last year when 2,000 people participated. During the military exercises, the unmanned gray eagle is scheduled to be permanently placed in the Gunsan Pyeonghae Gunji for the purpose of removing the North Korean leader. In fact, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is becoming tense due to a very provocative and invasive warning of war exercises aimed at hitting the North Korean nuclear issue and eliminating the North Korean command.
3. Joint military exercises should be discontinued permanently. Every time military exercises were carried out, the situation on the Korean peninsula became extremely violent due to the crisis of the war, and the inter-Korean relations were in an extreme confrontation with no exceptions. This year, there is a completely different phase of the current situation, which is ahead of the summit talks between North and South Korea and the North American summit. It should not be forgotten that North Korea promised not to use nuclear weapons or conventional weapons against the South. If the Moon Jae-in government is not merely a matter of words, but truly for the lasting peace of the peninsula and for the new and bold advancement of inter-Korean relations, we must boldly abandon this Kiryol Solev eagle joint military exercise,
The Moon Jae – in government must stop the practice of war – fighting with the United States forever and move toward a new era of peace and reunification among Koreans.
March 20, 2018 Seoul Gwanghwamun Sambonroku
People’s Democratic Party (Repatriation Welfare Party) Rep.

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