South Korea – Illuminati Aim to Corrupt Youth


Left, The boys are being taught that the metrosexual look is hip.

The Illuminati have given up on adults and focused on youth. 
Ex-pat James Farganne wages a street-level battle against their  influence. 

At the end of the third day, all of my testimony about Illuminati Jewish methods of infiltrating a society was a matter of Korean court record. The judge reviewed the testimony and released me immediately. Despite indirect threats, I have experienced no further reprisals.
by James Farganne

As an ex-pat in South Korea, I am fortunate to be part of a society that has thus far rejected feminism.
On Korean television, men are still generally portrayed as strong, loving fathers, husbands, and sons.
Korean women, by and large, still practice the art of knowing when to be strong women, delicate ladies, and, on occasion, delightful girls. Career driven mothers are most definitely the exception and not the rule.
The unity of the family is still paramount here. Divorce is still a stigma that  can stunt a woman’s social and economic prospects. I don’t say “single mother”, because from what I understand, the courts tend to award custody to the father, especially if the woman instigated the divorce — in which case, no alimony.
However, if the woman demonstrates that the father has been unfaithful, abusive, or negligent, these conventions are waived. In other words, Korean family courts are not venues for the highway robbery of men.
I like this society so much that, having married a woman with whom I know I’ll go the distance, I have applied for citizenship. But I see a very disturbing trend emerging: a Luciferian attack on Korean children.
Some months back, I wrote about my attempts to strike at what I saw as the root of the corruption. Those efforts landed me in jail. The detectives interrogated me for three days. They wanted to know why I had been harassing certain people. I told them exactly why, and they took assiduous notes. I never retained a lawyer, stating that a man of truth needs no such animal.
At the end of the third day, all of my testimony about Illuminati Jewish methods of infiltrating a society was a matter of Korean court record. The judge reviewed the testimony and released me immediately. Despite indirect threats, I have experienced no further reprisals.
This is all good news. But every time I get on the subway, I see signs of degradation everywhere, and it is almost always directed at youth.
Children are impressionable. Without watchful parents, most of them will imitate the garbage that is sold to them as “cool”. The pop music culture here is vile, laced with pornographic dance and Masonic imagery. The boys are being taught that the metrosexual look is hip. I wonder what will happen to those boys when they get smacked upside the head with mandatory military service.
Every time I see a metrosexual boy on the subway, without exception, unless my wife is there to get embarrassed, I take him to task. I walk up to him with my turban and my very big beard. I squint at him until he starts to squirm. By now, people are looking. I create a silent situation. When the tension is sufficient, I bark out at him, in perfect Korean (I’m quite practiced in this):
“Your legs are hairy, but you have lipstick on! No boobs, but you’re carrying a purse! Are you a BOY or a GIRL?”
“I — I –”
“I’m a — I’m a boy!”
“BOYS don’t wear lipstick and carry purses! I think you might be a very ugly GIRL!”
“No, I’m a boy!”
“You might THINK you’re a boy! I think maybe you’re a GIRL who just WANTS to be a boy! And yet, no boobs!”
By now, the old people are cackling and nodding vigorously. I get lots of positive feedback from the seniors when I do this. The “boy” is always cowed. He can’t backtalk me, because he is a boy, and I am a man. He usually scampers off the train at the next station. The seniors know what’s what. After the foregoing incident, once we have a dialogue going, I always tell them they have an enemy in their midst, and I ask if they know who the enemy is.
You’d be shocked how often they immediately reply: “The Jew”.
Another thing I do, though much less often, is to counsel girls who dress like whores. Yes, the whore look is being foisted on girls who spend most of their week in dowdy school uniforms — so this is mainly a weekend hit. When I see a girl who is obviously under 18 sluttishly dressed and with her face horribly disfigured by makeup, I gently ask her if she is trying to find a boy to have sex. Responses do not vary. There is zero defiance. They are always mortified, and sometimes confused, so I explain to them that the only reason any girl would dress that way would be to attract sexually excited boys.
“Well that’s not why I’m dressed this way!”
“Why are you dressed that way, then?”
“Because [insert K- pop singer’s name] dresses this way…”
“God made you prettier than she is. Why isn’t God’s look good enough for you?”
So goes my fight against the Illuminati in South Korea — via guerrilla tactics, ones that I can’t be arrested for.
Why is this important? Well, if I were awake and aware and living in North America right now, I’d have no hope for mankind — none whatsoever. But I do have hope. The elites still have their work cut out for them here.
That said, even living in the society that I have just snapshot for you by anecdote, I am mightily concerned. I wonder if traditional family values here will be enough to squash the onslaught of Luciferian poison being sprayed directly into the brains of these children each time they watch a pop music show on TV.
They always start with the women and children. Everything else falls like dominos. Where will this go?
Feminism has failed in Korea. Here is a really funny example. There is a Korean breakfast cereal that consists of puffed barley. The pieces are oval and each has a black blotch on one side of it . A group of upstart feministas tried to lobby the National Assembly to pass laws banning this popular cereal.
Why? Are you sitting down?
They claimed that the puffed barley grains looked like vaginas, and therefore degraded women. Assembly lawmakers did the sensible thing: publicly mocked the lobbyists, and sent them packing. At least, that is the story as was told to me by my university students.
But the children? I can’t say. As a stepfather whose Korean teen stepson is militantly homosexual (a real rarity, but nonetheless a fact), I am worried, but again, not hopeless. I believe that if people stand firm for their families, they can overcome the Illuminati, because the elites are nothing without our submission and consent.
The West has been all but won. The East will be a tougher nut for them to crack.

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