Sherman Skolnick, The ‘Crippled Jew Patriot’ And Stuff You Never Heard.

Sherman Skolnick, on right, with Kenn Thomas of on left.

by Tom Valentine

Moving from sports to news/features and from California to Chicago in 1968 Put me into close contact with Sherman Skolnick and while much has been written on the Internet about him, I have stories you never heard.

Skolnick was already a pariah to the editors and writers at Chicago Today, when I went to work there. His overbite and large teeth made him look as though he was always grinning at the world, and he proudly referred to himself as ‘that crippled Jew boy who brought down a corrupt Governor.’

Indeed, he is reluctantly credited even in establishment circles, with sending the corrupt former Federal Judge, Gov. Otto Kerner to the slammer. Listeners to my RFA broadcasts also knew him as the guy who exposed the criminal goings on with the PROMIS software that still serves the crooked Justice department in traking us goy.

The outright theft of the software developed by Bill and Nancy Hamilton is one for criminal prosecution if we ever force justice on this breed of snakes.   RFA covered the rotten story in detail over many shows, with Sherman and Mike Riconosciuto providing details.

The two stories I am about to tell were never broadcast thoroughly, but they are of interest to folks who follow corruption details in these United States.

My wife and I took Sherman to supper at Ginos, a Southside steak house of earned reputation. I had recently visited Lyndon LaRouche and when Sherman heard that, he told us a story about his own visit to the LaRouche cult HQ. I already suspected that Lyndon made waves because he wanted to run the Fed himself, hence he became a conspiracy maven.

Sherman said the La Rouchies were a cult, and were programmed to music. He described being on hand when members of the cult sprang to attention around the banquet tables, then ‘resembled zombies’ as the music blared. “If I could run, I would have run the hell out of there!” Sherman grinned.

Skolnick hated republicans with passion, especially Richard Nixon.
He told a story about how the authorities secretly ‘indicted’ Jesse Jackson on extortion charges after convening the Grand Jury in a firehouse in Gary, Indiana. The procedure produced a ‘true bill’ Indicting the famous activist.

However, US Attorney General John Mitchell, took over. He had what Nixon wanted, which was the indictment.   You may recall that Jesse Jackson was oft in the news in those days.

What was going on? Skolnick learned from his innumerable court sources that the Republicans now had a potent blackmail tool—Jesse would become a democrat, after working hard to be republican following years of battle with ‘da Mayor,   Boss Daley,’ the original. So the media darling did as told and became a democrat, which suited Nixon’s mob just fine.

Jackson’s operation Push had extorted grocery chains with a loud campaign “You will support us, or we will march on you.” Everyone knew of the blatant extortion, but no one heard about the Grand Jury.

Royko and Mabley (noted columnists) were silent.

Sherman was raised orthodox , but he was not a Zionist. He knew full well what the Zionist power in the US could do. He complained how certain trusted sources attempted to provide misinformation to him, and he had to dislodge it without being obvious.

While visiting him in his home on the teeming Southside he pointed out that the black neighbors around him protected him because they respected his work. He never locked his door, despite being located at 66th and Cottage Grove. “An Island in a Black sea,” He boasted.

Another story we shared intimately involved the famed ‘Watergate plane crash.’ United Airlines Flight 553 crashed on approach to Chicago Midway Airport at 2:28 p.m. Chicago time, on December 8, 1972.   Sherman called me that evening, he needed a ride.

We drove the length of the Dan Ryan (US 94) almost to Indiana border where we went into one of the biggest/busiest truckstops you can imagine .(It’s safer in a crowd)

We met with Alex Bottos and Bob Vary, The plane crash was all over the news. Bottos had been assigned by the Indiana crime commission to ‘infiltrate” the   Joseph Sarelli mob, which he did successfully (Not hard to do for a ‘connected’ Southsider. I really liked Alex, we socialized a lot in those days, as I learned ‘real’ Chicago lore.

If you Google the crash you get known details, which with the help of Sherman, I will flush out

“Among the deaths were: Dorothy Hunt (Wife of E. Howard Hunt) carrying $50,000 in Watergate payoff funds and close to $2 million that she was attempting to place in foreign banks; Michele Clark (CBS reporter who was to have interviewed Ms. Hunt); at least four people alleged to have knowledge of a large labor union “donation” to the Committee to ReElect the President who were paid to stop the indictment of a Chicago Labor hoodlum; a group of gas pipeline lobbyists, attorneys and gas company officials (Robert Moreau, Nancy Parker, Ralph Blodgett, James Drueger, Lon Bayer, Wilbur Erickson) who had allegedly gathered evidence against former Attorney General John Mitchell in an anti-trust case involving El Paso Natural Gas Co; “Harold Metcalf”, a hit man using the cover of a DEA agent who informed the pilot, Captain Whitehouse, that he had a gun, and was assigned a seat near the galley. After the crash, Cpt. Whitehouse and six of the Watergate related passengers were found to have unexplainably high cyanide contents, although the other 35 passengers who were killed did not. “Harold Metcalf” walked away from the crash. Up to 200 FBI and CIA agents took over the crash site immediately, beating the fire department to the scene, refusing to allow in a medical team, confiscating the control tower tapes, interviewing survivors and witnesses before the National Transportation Safety Board investigators had a chance to. There is considerable evidence of equipment sabotage. An in-flight robbery gang known as the Joseph Sarelli Mob came into possession of some of the Hunt Money and Mitchell documents after the crash and sold them for $5 million.

“ The day after the crash Nixon Aide Egil Krogh Jr is appointed Undersecretary of Transportation and is placed in charge of the two agencies investigating the crash (the FAA and the NTSB); ten days later Nixon assistant Alexander Butterfield, a CIA-Aviation liaison is appointed head of the FAA; a few weeks later Nixon Aide Dwight Chapin becomes a top aide with United Airlines.

Hmmmmm. Bottos said the planes cabin lights had been switched out and replaced with bulbs designed to cause electrical failures on command via a timer. The media reported not much, but Bottos and Skolnick had testimony about money floating all over the neighborhood, as Alex had reported to the commission.

Is it really news that the Nixon rat pack were crooks.   No, it’s not, but folks like colorful tales.

Some additional reading on the topic:” The day after the crash, White House aide Egil Krogh was appointed Undersecretary of Transportation, supervising the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Association – the two agencies charged with investigating the airline crash. A week later, Nixon’s deputy assistant Alexander P. Butterfield was made the new head of the FAA, and five weeks later Dwight L. Chapin, the president’s appointment secretary, become a top executive with United Airlines. Mr. Krogh would later be convicted of complicity in the break-in of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office along with Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy and a small cast of CIA-trained and retained Cuban black-bag specialists. Mr. Chapin was convicted of making false and/or misleading statements in connection to his involvement and spent less than a year in prison; Mr. Butterfield, who previously headed the office that secretly taped President Nixon’s White House meetings in the Oval Office, was not prosecuted or convicted in the Watergate scandal.

The office of the Cook County Medical Examiner convened a coroner’s jury and launched a parallel investigation. E. Howard Hunt in his “last confessions,” reported in Rolling Stone Magazine, claimed the FBI withheld or destroyed evidence.”

The sheeple caught on to Nixon, why are they so stupid today.

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