Image: A Facebook profile photo of man identified by NBC News as Douglas McAuthur McCain

The resemblance is startling.  This is Douglas McAuthur McCain, the nephew of terrorist-loving Arizona senator John McCain, Minnesota Twin Cities freak, repeat offender and Muslim convert.  The Fake Syrian Army (FSA), having little to do these days, as its numbers tank perilously thanks to other terrorist organizations like ISIS, Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jabhat Al-Tawheed, not to mention gradual retirements, surrenders to the SAA and surreptitious emigration to Australia, has released the datum about this remarkable scion of a war-mongering family of weasels exemplified by the deluded senator from Arizona.   McCain called himself the “Duale The Slave of Allah” (sic).  He was killed on Saturday near Aleppo in a battle with another terrorist organization over rights to a cache of Captagon drugs.  Having moved recently to the Los Angeles area, he brought with him that same American zeal for territoriality so common in the crime-ridden ghettos of American big cities.

“Atsa ma boy!” exclaims the illustrious Arizona politico while posing with Saleem Idrees, the former head of the FSA who is presently residing in the Seychelles Islands with the millions he stole from American and Saudi “philanthropists”.  The men to the left and right of him are common terrorists and thugs wanted by almost everybody except the State of Arizona.


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