Secret session of the prisoner Hiba Labadi next Thursday

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


West Bank – The Nazi illegal occupation authorities decided on Tuesday to hold a secret hearing next Thursday between the judges of the court and the Gestapo intelligence to examine the file of Jordanian hunger striker Heba al-Labadi and determine its fate.

Al-Labadi’s lawyer, Ruslan Mahajneh, confirmed that this hearing will determine the fate of al-Labadi, either issuing a decision to stop administrative detention against her or release her and return her to Jordan. He pointed out that she is continuing her open-ended hunger strike, and that her health is very bad and is going down continuously .

Al-Labadi’s lawyer, who visited her yesterday, added that she was very exhausted and lived only on the water. She did not even take salts.

For his part, the Prisoners Information Office reported that the captive Labadi entered on Tuesday, the twenty-second day in her hunger strike in the prisons of the occupation; to protest her detention two months ago, and the issuance of an administrative detention order against her and for five months.

It should be noted that the occupation arrested al-Labadi on 20/8/2019 after her arrival with her mother to the dignity crossing to attend the wedding of one of her relatives in the city of Nablus.

  She was severely interrogated and tortured by Nazi Gestapo in the Petah Tikva Nazi Camp for a month and her family was prevented from visiting her.

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