The latest in the long drawn-out parade of malicious lies that are being circulated about me personally is that I’ve created a malicious fake Facebook page that results in people being locked out of their accounts or that gives me access to their accounts. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth.

“No, you just look like a gay porn star.” – Scott Tucker

The truth of the matter is simply this: After having a number of my notes removed as a result of certain guilty parties reporting them to Facebook, I began backing them up and saving copies of the notes to my hard drive, which I later uploaded to my website where they could be linked to if necessary. These were totally innocuous backup copies of my notes that contained absolutely no “malicious” code or computer “hacking” of any sort whatsoever. This is a malicious LIE that is being told, and Scott Tucker, Kimberly Amatullah’s brother, is the person responsible for spreading this lie.

Let me explain something to you, Tucker, in case there’s a remote possibility that you don’t understand this. But since you’re supposed to be some sort of web designer and should already be thoroughly acquainted with such matters, the most likely possibility is that you DO indeed already understand this and that you’re deliberately lying.

Those HTML pages were simply saved, just like any document can be saved in most any computer program, in this case with the “Save Page As” option on the “File” menu of the Firefox browser. Those files were saved when I was logged in to my account. Consequently, they appear as they appeared to ME at the time they were saved, with my profile name at the top of the page and my profile picture next to the comment box. But this is a STATIC HTML file now. Do you understand exactly what that means? It can no longer be dynamically altered on the server. No changes can be made to it, no comments can be added to it, and the comment box simply DOESN’T WORK. It’s inoperable.

The content of the note can still be read, but you, or anyone else, is NOT suddenly “logged in” as me or Carolyn. That is either something you TOTALLY misunderstand, or it’s a deliberate LIE on your part. I believe it’s most likely a deliberate LIE since if you are indeed a web designer and an expert on such things, you should understand such rudimentary matters.

It’s clear to me that both you and your sister Kimberly are doing everything in your power to discredit not only Carolyn and myself, but Daniel and his friends also, as evidenced by your last two comments, which are blatant attacks upon me and Carolyn. You are someone who has a political AGENDA. The question everyone needs to be asking is: Just what exactly IS that agenda? A Zionist agenda perhaps, since Carolyn and I are anti-Zionist? Inquiring minds would like to know. Just what IS your agenda, Tucker? Why did you suddenly appear out of nowhere and commence with this attack of yours on me and Carolyn?

It’s clear also that you are playing to an audience and trying to come across as someone who is sensible, restrained, and very sincere, when you are anything but that. You are a LIAR serving a political agenda. Just be aware that I see you as you truly are, all the ugliness and filth that is at the core of your being. I see through your lies and deceptions, and that has to make you just a little uncomfortable.

Another very pertinent point that should be added to this discussion, one that I forgot to mention in my previous comment, and one that everyone should be aware of is this:

There would have been NO NEED to have made backup copies of these notes in the first place had not Tucker’s sister and others like her COMPLAINED TO FACEBOOK AND HAD THEM REMOVED. That’s the core problem that is at the root of this matter and the REAL wrongdoing that should be pointed out here:

Tucker’s sister Kimberly and others like her complained to Facebook and had my notes removed. Never forget that.

But that’s not enough for these shameful wrongdoers: They not only are complicit in deleting the notes, they also concoct a malicious LIE about the backup copies.




  1. Is there a context or a backstory to this so that it makes some kind of sense to the reader?

  2. You have it all wrong. Kimberly and Scott are having a good laugh at you not having found them out.
    Kimberly’s brother is Randall Scott Clark of California.
    Scott and Kimberly are ‘pals’ who support each others delusions.

  3. Scott, a sad sort who is controlled in every way by a antisocial fanatic, Kimberly. So sorry for all who are affected. Turn your back on their rants, look away now before they pull you down with them. It will never end. I’ve watched it all.

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