Saddam Hussein’s Letter to the United States

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“Long live Palestine, free and Arab from the river to the sea.”

By Saddam Hussein

Once again, President Bush addresses the Americans to distort words, hide the motives or part of it and mix causes with consequences.

In his statement yesterday, on Aug. 20, 1990, in front of the American old warriors, he touched on the issue of the Americans present in Iraq and focused on considering them as hostages, despite the statements made by the Iraqis, which clarified without doubt that the Americans are here as a result of a real aggression against the Arab nation and Iraq and that the one initiating this aggression is President Bush himself and his ally (British Prime Minister Margaret) Thatcher.

Had the aggression not taken place and had President Bush truly evaluated the interests of the American citizen(s) and people, the Americans or the others would not have faced what happened to them. …

President Bush knows, or I assume he knows, that America itself and during World War II had held tens of thousands of its citizens for the mere reason that they are of Japanese origin, basing itself on the formula of repulsing the biggest damage with the least one.

If this precedent existed and is established in the United States’ records along with others which are included in the humanitarian record, would it not be considered a kind of racial discrimination that what is allowed to other states including the Americans is not allowed to the Arabs, including the Iraqis? …

Banning some foreigners from traveling is not out of revenge, but to avert a crime of aggression that President Bush intends to commit against the people of Iraq after his crime of occupying the land of Kaaba and the prophet’s grave (in the Moslem holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia).

And if he commits this crime, a great catastrophe will befall not only on the region but the whole world. …

And President Bush goes on speaking on outlaws and comparing … Iraq and who represents it and Hitler, and he forgets that all these descriptions are applied to him, because Iraq did not send its fleets and war planes to attack the United States and Europe. …

President Bush and who followed him are the ones who sent their warships and warplanes and came as invaders to our region with the aim of killing people and depriving them of their humanity after violating the sanctified.

And then, will there remain any doubt that these descriptions are applied to President Bush when he seeks to incite a war that might burn the whole world? …

It has become clear that saying the American forces came here to defend Saudi Arabia … does not hold out against contradictory realities, because the fact proves that Iraq does not intend to attack anyone, including Saudi Arabia. …

But saying that your forces came here to defend America’s interests: You know that the Arabs, including the Iraqis, are not against the legitimate interests, be it for all the West or America.

And you know that prosperity, scientific and technological progress and initiating development cannot be achieved the way Arabs hope without dealing with the West.

For that to be realized, they should sell oil and the main oil market is Europe (and) the United States in addition to Japan.

And I assume that President Bush knows that Iraq, for example, was going to sell one-third of its oil to America until August 2, 1990, and that Iraq was against the fever of price increases that occured in 1973 and we have documents proving that.

In all circumstances, the Arabs and, among them, Iraq, want to sell oil … and not to drink it or freeze it. …

And if the one who owns oil is boycotted by the world, … for the same reason … the world should have boycotted America and the Saudi government. After all, is not food more vital for men than oil? …

If the standards of President Bush in boycotting, enmity, war and blockade are applied on Iraq for the mere reason that (Iraq) owns or will own 20 percent of the world’s oil, … all these standards … should be applied to all those who own the same percentage or more of food and especially grain.

And only then the stance required by the world is to be against America and Australia in the first stage. …

I should say before I conclude my letter that the source of power, Mr. Bush, does not lie in the size of armies or technological superiority, not even in your alliance with those who betrayed their nation and people.

US Imperialism is Zionist Imperialism

The source of power lies in what is just. At any rate, God is greater and more powerful than all.

And as we have said in a previous occasion, America could have never been a superpower if it didn’t influence the world.

And to remain influential, it should and must respect people’s freedom and nation’s choices and it should respect others’ sanctities and feelings.

If you go on ignoring this, I warn against the consequences and I say for history here that if you keep on with this method, America will fall from its actual position and will lose many opportunities.

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