Rwanda: Robots Help Rwandan Health Workers Minimizing COVID-19 Risk

Robots were deployed in two medical facilities and Kigali´s airport from May 20, 2020

The humanoid machines were donated by the United Nations Development Programme

Robots are helping doctors and nurses to avoid contagion risk at the Kanyinya treatment facility, near Rwanda´s capital Kigali.

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Frontline workers are using the machines to take temperatures and monitoring patients, sending messages to doctors, and helping the staff to appraise how effective their decision making is, which reduces the visits to bedsides doctors have to make.

The so called “zorabots” can screen between 50 to 150 people per minute, it can also deliver food and medicine, gather audio-visual data, and alert staff in case of emergency.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) partnered with Rwanda´s Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Innovation to acquire and deploy five smart anti-epidemic robots for use in two COVID-19 treatment centers and at the Kigali International Airport.


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According to UNDP Africa, this as an important moment to look for unconventional approaches and technologies to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Rwanda.

The country has 420 COVID-19 cases and only 2 deaths so far after the first case was reported in mid-March.

Using robots is the latest initiative implemented in Rwanda, where the government has eased the lockdown that had been in place for more than a month. Almost all sectors of the economy are opening in the country, under precautionary measures.

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