Russian Marker robots are sent to the NWO zone to fight German tanks

The Marker unmanned strike system is equipped with a large number of observation equipment.

 By: Jonas E. Alexis,

Four Marker unmanned strike ground robots are sent to the special military operation zone. This was announced by the executive director of the NPO Android Technology Evgeny Dudorov. According to him, the loading of robotic systems has already begun.

Experts note that one of the main tasks of the Markers will be the destruction of Leopard and Abrams tanks if they are delivered to the Ukrainian army. In addition, they will pose a serious threat to the unmanned aerial vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As military experts explain, the Marker unmanned strike system is equipped with a large number of observation equipment, which allows you to control ground territories and airspace at any time of the day under any weather conditions.

“Marker” is designed in two versions – wheeled and tracked. The wheeled platform allows the robotic complex to move without refueling for 60 hours. Such high performance is achieved due to low fuel consumption – only 3 liters per 100 kilometers.

A wheeled platform weighing three tons can carry not only machine guns and missiles, but also unmanned aerial vehicles. On the tracked version of the Marker, you can install the Utes or Kord machine guns, as well as several anti-tank grenade launchers. In addition, in this version, kamikaze drones can be installed on the platform.

Which variants of the “Marker” will go in the near future to the NVO zone, Yevgeny Dudorov did not specify. But, it is obvious that these vehicles will add headaches to the Ukrainian command.

SOURCEThe Intel Drop

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