Russia-US Agreement on Aleppo or Another American Deception?


Throughout made in the USA conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, Washington systematically undermined Russia’s good faith efforts for responsible resolution.

America can’t be trusted, vowing one thing, doing another, notably,  under Obama, Bush/Cheney and the Clintons, waging permanent wars on humanity, rejecting peace and stability.

It’s unknown if Trump intends changing things, diverging from longstanding policy, wanting to be a peace, not a warrior president. The way he goes will be the measure of whether he fulfills lofty campaign promises or governs as the latest in a long line of leaders following agendas similar to their predecessors.

Negotiating with Obama officials is a lost cause, a waste of time, virtually no chance for responsible diplomatic resolution. Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry had numerous face-to-face and phone discussions – all for naught, accomplishing nothing.

Once again, they met in Rome. Lavrov said Kerry presented a proposal in line with Russia’s on Aleppo. Endless earlier promises were violated.

Is this time different? Will conflict in the city be resolved diplomatically? Will steps be taken for peace nationwide?

America doesn’t wage wars to quit, at least not since the 1990s. Russia isn’t about to accept anything from Washington on face value. It’s been betrayed so many times before.

It’ll follow through on its end responsibly, Lavrov saying “Moscow is ready to immediately send our military experts and diplomats to Geneva to work out joint actions with our US colleagues in line with the (new) American proposals, which would ensure the withdrawal of all militants without exception from eastern Aleppo, and would provide unimpeded humanitarian supplies to the city’s residents and ensure the establishment of normal life in eastern Aleppo.”

It must not be a meeting for the sake of a meeting. It is necessary to agree on a detailed timeline of steps.

With less than seven weeks left in Obama’s tenure, expect Russia to act in good faith like all previous negotiations with Washington while awaiting Trump to succeed Obama, hoping he’ll be more receptive to responsible negotiations than years of futility up to now.

Obama’s neocon infested administration isn’t about to turn a new page. Hopefully Trump meant what he said in wanting to normalize relations with Russia, both countries cooperating in combating terrorism.

It remains to be seen if his word is his bond, whether he’s able to overcome enormous pressure to stay hardline.

Expect nothing positive unless and until evidence proves otherwise.

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