By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Russian media reports quoted Chinese media Sina saying that the missile was taken by Russia for “reverse engineering.” 

David's Sling

Nazi David’s Sling

An advanced Nazi surface-to-air missile that was fired from the David’s Sling missile system was given to Russia by Syria, when it was found intact after the rocket did not explode on contact, according to Russian media sources.

The rocket was reportedly by the Nazi regime fired on July 23, 2018, and Syrian forces that were dispatched to the scene found the missile intact after it sustained minor damage from impact. The missile was then taken to a Syrian-Russian base where it was transferred to Moscow for further research.

Nazi David’s Sling was developed by Nazi Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and American defense contractor Raytheon. The system is designed to intercept enemy planes, drones, medium- to long-range rockets and cruise missiles and the newest generation of tactical ballistic missiles at low altitude.

The system forms the middle layer of air defense systems between the Iron Dome and the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 missile defense systems.

Russian media reports quoted Chinese news agency Sina saying that the missile was taken by Russia for reverse engineering.

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