Ron Paul Assassination Hoax: Is It an IsraHell Threat?

U.S. Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Likely A Target for Israeli Lobby

Same Thing They Did With Ross Perot…

by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor

A Canadian website,, has published an article claiming the Russian FSB, formerly known as the KGB, has issued a report claiming President Obama has ordered the killing of Congressman Ron Paul. 

The European Times, another “fringe” source has also carried the story.  The reason Paul is being threatened:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

More reliable sources tell us that the real threat is one concocted by the Gingrich camp and their Israeli backers, based on Newt’s private promise of a full scale invasion of Iran.


YouTube – Veterans Today –

Israel is terrified of Ron Paul and the Likudists hate him more than they hate President Obama.  They actually fear Ron Paul and, we are told, will do anything to stop his candidacy, which is running 10 times stronger than the polls report.

Tripoli ‘Observer’ Franklin Lamb Practicing With the Tripoli Civilian Defense Force, Most of Whom Went Over to the Rebels

Veterans Today, while investigating sources of stories in the “fringe” media supporting the Gaddafi regime, tales of his military victories and how his 250,000 man Tripoli militia was going to descend on the dozen or so rebels who eventually took the city, tracked two unusual aspects.

We found all pro-Gaddafi stories, along with much of his military support, to have come from Israel and Israeli contracted African mercenaries, thousands of whom are currently awaiting repatriation while being held by the new Libyan government.

We found something else.  We tracked patterns of language, we call them “talking points” and records of payments through former Bush official, David Welch, through an Israeli spy organization in Lebanon and to “activists” and “dissidents” all over the web.

What makes this particularly frightening for Ron Paul is that the wild and hare brained threat attributed to President Obama may very well be a very real threat from Israel passed onto the web through news sources that, because of their “outing” on the Gaddafi issue, may actually represent the Mossad.

Newt Gingrich – For Sale to All the Right People

In fact, with Ron Paul being the only potential Republican candidate capable of challenging New Gingrich, Israel’s choice to unseat President Obama, a hoax like this is very possibly something very different.

Paul, boycotted by the media for his failure to kowtow to Israel, is very possibly the real presidential front runner.

It is also likely that Gingrich, known for his instability, is likely to implode soon, despite fabricate poll data and careful press handling.

Thus, we now get the assassination threat which, were it to have come through any sources other than those that are “no so covertly Israeli,” they could easily be ignored.

What are we saying?

This could very well be Israel using their access to the alternative media, though “hasbara” or “hidden servants,” to frighten Paul or his family.  This isn’t the first time such a thing has happened.

In 1992, presidential front runner, Ross Perot, dropped out of the campaign though most polls placed him well ahead of both George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.


YouTube – Veterans Today –

Perot’s policies, to eliminate the Federal Reserve, balance the budget and steer and independent course in the Middle East.

Despite public pronouncements, Perot was never friendly to Israel.  He financed a private investigation into AIPAC and openly advocating outlawing their operations in Washington.

Ron Paul, despite public statements recently to the contrary, is also very well known as an enemy of the Israeli lobby in Washington and a threat to their influence, read “control” of congress.

Then we get bizarre and senseless “hoax” threats against Paul that couldn’t be stranger if they involved space aliens.

This, of course, is the point.

Herman Cain crashed and burned, the candidate of the Koch Brothers.

Newt Gingrich is owned and operated by Rupert Murdoch, “closet” head of Israel’s ultra-nationalist Likudist Party, a man with more baggage than even Cain.

No Love Lost Between These Two

In fact, every Republican candidate is so scarred that no one can stand against President Obama, now clearly seen by global analysts as someone unable to work with Israel’s Netanyahu.

They hate each other.

There will be no attack on Iran, the US refuses to interfere in Egypt’s election and President Obama and French President Sarkozy conspired together to remove Colonel Gaddafi, long time Israeli ally, from power in Libya.

The question:  Is Israel turning to its controlled “alternative media” sites to leak hoax stories across the net as a personal warning to Representative Ron Paul.

Our estimation is:  YES

Editing:  Jim W. Dean

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