Roll 300 Heads And Save Pakistan!



“The nations are born in the hearts of the poets; they prosper and die in the hands of the politicians.”  Dr Allama Iqbal

By Raja G Mujtaba

Today looking at Pakistan, one is hurt to the bones. The spine begins to shiver and squeak but the pain and the hurt does not subside. Observing more of these Aristotle’s that we have been lumped dropping their wisdom makes one sink to the bottom of the heart. Today there is not a single institution that is viable; name anyone that would appear to be the worst of all. People are dying of hunger, insecurity; jobs are dying out like an epidemic as if plagued for want of electricity, gas, finances etc.

Nasir Sherazi in his two TV Talks as anchor discussed the issue at length that have been placed at the end of the article.

Neither the government nor the opposition is showing any concern. The whole lot looks like a mafia in alliance to plunder and slander. Railways, steel mill, National Airline, power generation, gas etc. all have been made to crumble. Today if a war breaks out, Pakistan Railways is not in a position to move the strategic and reserve forces and ammunition etc. to the destinations. It has been killed very effectively that nothing moves. While there is installed capacity of 22,000 MWs, only 8000 MWs are being produced against a demand of 15,000 MWs. PIA, once a hallmark of Pakistan that conceived and delivered a dozen or so other lines is today rotting and surviving on life support. All being done with an objective, to weaken and make Pakistan vulnerable to outside forces.

On the political horizon, all parties have formed an alliance to run the government; at the same time are also working in alliance to sow deeper wedges amongst the various provinces and ethnic communities to create all sorts of rifts. The strange part is that all these parties have joined hands as partners to run the government. This double standards and hypocrisy is beyond comprehension.

Judiciary is being tossed around, its being scandalized and vandalized none of their judgments are being honored, in fact the government makes sure that when a verdict comes against someone in power, that convict is given a higher or a better post to show a complete defiance of the judiciary. If judiciary that is the last hope of the aggrieved is ridiculed and made fun of then the people lose complete faith not only in the system but in the state as well.

All this is being done as part of a given agenda by the foreign masters. Our politicians like stooges and puppets are busy carrying it out with utmost devotion like a divine commandment. In fact they go and bid higher stakes so that the foreign masters accept them in the seats of power in Pakistan. How very terrifying is this, entire target killings, sectarian and ethnic killings are on the rise with complete impunity to the people in power.

When all other means fail people talk of revolutions; revolutions do not take place to get rid of the corrupt, incompetent and treacherous rulers only but also to quench the venom that gets accumulated over a period of time. It becomes a necessary surgery to rid the main body of the diseased part before it eats the entire body for the recovery and rehabilitation of the society. A major factor for people to revolt is the apathy and disconnect of the ruling class that claims to be the representatives of the people are in fact serving their own interests.


Nasir Sherazi – Anchor


The present ruling elite that comprises of feudal and the business mafia (inclusive of all those who remain in the corridors of power), is both corrupt and treacherous; are in fact the pawns in the game, dancing to the tune of the Zionists and only enhancing their agenda to secure their grip on power. One such agenda is that they invariably target the Army. Targeting Army is a priority of the Zionists who know that Pakistan Army is not only very professional but a patriotic force that stands in the top armies of the world. Qudrat Ullah Shahab, a former bureaucrat who was spiritually enlightened wrote in his book that enemies of Pakistan have concluded that to defeat Pakistan, it’s imperative to demonize Pakistan army in the eyes of its people; without doing so, Pakistan can never be defeated. Here it must be understood by all those who are out to criticize the army that they are harping and dancing on the tunes of the enemy.

In Pakistan, it’s the feudalistic political mafia that is in the forefront. Why this class does not like the Army in particular and the Defence Services in general is very simple to understand. The Defence Forces of Pakistan come from a middle and lower middle class segment, are well trained and educated who can standup to any occasion to defend the country. The very first C-in-C of Pakistan Army Field Marsha Ayub Khan was a son of a JCO and so is the present Chief. In between the two, many names can be counted. They also have the courage to question any political figure of the country that none other have. The feudal feel that army is a threat to their domain hence they spare no occasion to attack the Defence services of Pakistan. It would be wrong to say that Army has not done any wrongs but then those were few individuals and not the institution. In such a case, those individuals must be taken to task but not at the cost of the institution of the Army.

Almost all the feudal belonged to the Unionist Party notoriously known as the Toadies; Toadie is a relocating virus-worm that keeps relocating itself on new preys. True to their genetic traits, the toadies have been moving from one party to another, they have no ideology or commitment to the nation; all they are concerned about is their hold on the power. These Toadies were against the creation of Pakistan, by their very nature, they feel very comfortable in serving their foreign masters. Each one of them who aspire to hold an office of authority in Pakistan goes for a series of Washington yatras (or sometimes go to London) where besides meeting the US administration from a doorman to the president of the US, also hob nob with AIPAC, the power brokers in the US. They get their blessings only once they have committed to work as an extension to the AIPAC global agenda.

The Zionists never keep their eggs in one basket but they place a number of baskets in every country more so in Muslim world. Pakistan being an ideological nuclear power has drawn special focus from the Zionists. Here every party, be it a pure political party or a religious one, has Zionist influence to some degree. Presently all the parties in alliance and PML-N are all on board. This Zionist influence has become more pronounced since 911. They dictate with arrogance and extract whatever they wish to. With the coming in of General Kayani and General Pasha as head of ISI they did stem the rot but still lot more needs to be done.


Dr Moghis


Feudal would never let Pakistan settle to a smooth sail. Pakistan’s real problem is the feudal class that deprives the poor of their basic rights. They have large land holdings in Southern Punjab and upper Sind, where their tillers are like slave prisoners. These not so human beings are made to sit on their haunches when the feudal lord talks to them or else keep standing in their rags and no shoes to wear.

Revolutions are no fun; these are never a cup of tea with a piece of cake. Revolutions more than often turn into violence, where blood fills the streets chaos prevails unless it’s well directed and managed from a much higher platform than meager personal agendas. Personal agendas unlike in present so called democratic rule never gain popularity with the masses.

The present unrest in Pakistan is part of a game plan that is being fully endorsed and activated by the Ziono-Hindutwa agents in Pakistan. The leadership of all the above mentioned parties has their deep roots with this menace out to destroy the world peace.

Revolutions and democracy have only one factor in common and that’s support of the masses. Democracy has the beauty to translate personal objectives of the leaders into a mass demand and then enslave them. Revolutions destroy the hurdles and impediments that deprive the people of fair play and collective welfare.

A revolutionary leader would invariably live the life of the masses, Imam Khomeini

In Pakistan, revolution was never such a buzz word as it is today. People on the streets or in their private conversations all are talking revolution in Pakistan. The recent Arab Spring that has toppled the longest ruling dictator Hosni Mobarak has inspired people in the other countries to get rid of the corrupt and the treacherous rulers or the ruling class.

In Pakistan, the politics is controlled and dominated by the feudal or the filthy rich belonging to mafias who rule the country. The so called democratic politics is the sport of the Feudal who want to enslave the poor through this trap. They do not want any challenge to their authority from the educated middle class. These feudal are the agents of the Foreign Masters; hence they have no sympathy for the poor or the country.

Feudal would never let Pakistan settle to a smooth sail. Pakistan’s real problem is the feudal class that deprives the poor of their basic rights.

The present regime headed by Zardari and Gillani have shown a strong arrogance and shamelessness towards the people and the country. They have plundered in broad daylight and flouted all institutional norms and values of good governance. They have openly defied the orders of the epic court not one but on several occasions.

While talking to Scott Rickard, an American who looks for the truth to its maximum said,“Incredible organizational success. Iceland actually unified against the government, removed all current political officials, held new elections and subsequently created and adopted a new constitution that was ratified by the people. After that, bankers and politicians were arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated. And finally, the national debt and even a great amount of personal debt were repudiated.”

He further stated, “(Syriza) in Greece is another emerging political organization that may be one to watch. It has a lot of similar goals that worked for Iceland. Problem is that NATO and its British, French, Swedish and American masters will likely interfere with the sovereignty of Greece due to both historical and geopolitical influences in the region. Pakistan will face similar challenges.

Financial globalists would be ruined by further nations following Iceland’s initiatives.”

According to Scott, breaking the deceptive media that has been carefully constructed for centuries will result in a revolution (peaceful) that humans have not experienced. We are the minutemen of that revolution.

We’ll know that humans have adopted informational efficiency when truthful independent information sources become more prevalent and trustworthy than established financial, state, corporate, and military run information sources.

Informational efficiency is the degree to which perception correctly and quickly reflects information and thus the true value of underlying resources. The extent to which the value of resources reflect all information available. People disagree on information and resources all the time. Followers of an efficient information theory agree that perception efficiently deals with all information on a given subject matter must be considered to achieve objectivity, and that biased analysis or speculative assumptions are useless. On the other hand, the primary observation of behavioral analysis holds true that people often make decisions on imprecise impressions and beliefs, rather than rational analysis, rendering information incredibly somewhat inefficient to the extent that it is asymmetrically affected by people.

Nasir Sherazi, the anchor expressed that if 30,000 heads are rolled, Pakistan would have peace for 300 years. Killing or hanging someone is not the objective, what is desired is that quick improvements must be brought in else people are demanding that heads must roll. Once they take to the streets, then nothing would contain them; it would be a wildfire. But one thing is for sure that these toadies have to be sidelined from body-politic.

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