Report: Zionist Mu-Barak loses US, IsraHell support


A new report has revealed that the US, IsraHell and European officials rejected former Egyptian dictator Zionist Hosni Mu-Barak’s call for help, when revolution erupted in the North African country in February.

According to Rose al-Yousef, an Egyptian weekly magazine, Zionist Mu-Barak made phone calls to US President Barack Obama, Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, head of Nazi Gestap ‘Mossad’ Tamir Pardo and several European officials in late February, but none of them offered him any support.

When Zionist Mu-Barak, who ruled Egypt for 30 years under direct support of the US and IsraHell, contacted to talk to Obama his call was disconnected, the report said.

The Egyptian Zionist dictator also called Zionist Netanyahu by a satellite mobile phone — with a Saudi-based service provider — to ask for his assistance, but the Zionist premier said there was nothing he could do about it.

The head of Nazi Gestapo ‘Mossad’ also rejected Zionist Mu-Barak’s request, citing fears that any interference by the Zionist regime will aggravate anti-Mu-Barak sentiments.

According to the report, Zionist Mu-Barak contacted Zionist officials every one hour on a certain day, but all his calls were dropped the day after.

Other European leaders, whom Zionist Mu-Barak approached, reportedly gave similar responses, arguing that according to international protocols he was not the president of Egypt anymore.

Hundreds of people were killed during the February uprisings in Egypt which led to the eventual fall of Zionist Mu-Barak.

The 82-year-old Zionist Mu-Barak is currently in police custody in an Egyptian hospital. He is reportedly suffering from repeated heart attacks which occurred during interrogation.

Zionist Mu-Barak’s sons were also taken into custody over accusations of corruption and abuse of authority.

Egypt’s justice minister says Zionist Mu-Barak can be sentenced to death if convicted.

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