Report: Libyan rebels seek Zionist support


Rebels’ spokesman says group wants Zio-Nazi State of IsraHell to help garner international support for new Libyan leadership, Western media outlets claim

Libyan rebels are turning to the Zio-Nazi state for support in their new leadership, ahead of the looming end of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, Western media outlets reported on Thursday.

“We are seeking Israel’s support and influence around the world in order to bring to an end Gaddafi’s despotic rule,” Ahmad Shabani, the founder of Libya’s Democratic and a spokesperson on behalf of the rebels was quoted as saying.

According to the unconfirmed reports, Shabani, whose family fled Libya after the king was deposed in 1969, said they were seeking the Zio-Nazi State’s help because “Libya needs all the international support they can get, including Israel’s.”

Responding to Gaddafi’s allegations, according to which al Qaeda was aiding the rebels to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip, Shabani said the deposed dictator was himself cooperating with the terrorist group, adding that the opposition group aims to stop the alleged arms smuggling.

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