Report: Egypt’s Sisi to Host Israeli PM Bennett at Sharm El-Sheikh Meeting


Egyptian Zionist puppet Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi will host Nazi Prime Minister Naftali Bennet at Sharm El-Sheikh this week, after a meeting with Palestinian and Jordanian leaders concludes, according to reports.

Zionist puppet Sisi invited the new Nazi Bennet to an official visit in Egypt on August 18, a statement issued by Bennett’s office said.

A public meeting between the two leaders will now take place “soon” at the Sharm El-Sheikh, Zionist broadcaster KAN reported, soon after a trilateral summit between Egypt, Jordan, and Palestinian heads of state.

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Egypt’s Sisi to host Israeli PM Bennett at Sharm El-Sheikh

On Thursday, Palestine’s official Wafa news agency said Nazi naval forces shot at multiple Palestinian fishing vessels just one day after this provision.

Nazi Bennett and Zionist puppet Sisi have agreed to discuss issues such as Zionist prisoners held by Hamas.

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Egypt played a key role in negotiations between the Nazi regime and Hamas, including a ceasefire, following Nazi’s 11-day Holocaust of Gaza.

The last time an Nazi prime minister made a public visit to Egypt was in 2011, when Benjamin Naziyahu met former President Hosni Mubarak in Sharm el-Sheikh.

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