Report: CIA foreknowledge of terrorist bombing in Lebanon

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has warned Lebanese security agencies two days ahead of the blast that targeted Bir al-Abed neighborhood in Beirut’s southern suburbs that al-Qaida has plotted to carry out an attack in the area, a report claimed on Thursday.According to al-Akhbar newspaper, al-Qaida-linked group transported a huge amount of explosives into Lebanon to be used in the country.Security and political sources told the newspaper that a CIA official in Lebanon provided the army intelligence and the ISF Intelligence Branch with “delicate information” regarding the matter.
The CIA report pointed out that an al-Qaida-linked-group prepared two bombs, each weigh 7 tons, to target buildings in Beirut’s southern suburbs using suicide bombers.The report said that the group is also active in Syria.At least 53 people were wounded in an explosion that was caused by a booby-trapped vehicle in the Hizbullah stronghold neighborhood of Bir al-Abed on Tuesday.Another report said that another al-Qaida-affiliated group transported around 2,000 kilograms of explosives into Lebanon to target the Lebanese army, Hizbullah,Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awadh al-Asiri and Kuwaiti Ambassador Abdul al-Qinaai in addition to Russian and Chinese diplomats.A third CIA report included detailed information on the head of an armed group that is responsible for firing rockets on the Bekaa city of Baalbek.According to the last report, the head of the group is a Syrian national, who is leading the operations from the region of Reef Damascus.
CIA gave 16 Tons of Bombs to Al-Qaeda for Lebanon
[ed notes:amazingly the cia knew two days before attacks the size of the explosives to be used in attacks in Lebanon,and who had them,lol but didnt stop it …because bombing Hezbollah strongholds is always in their interest of course…

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