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To whom it may concern,On behalf of Collective Consciousness, we would like to state ourappreciation for the courage, sacrifice, and astute character in which the aggressive and illegal behaviors of a group of misfits on the social medium, Faceb ook has engaged in against innocent Palestinian and other human rights activist. As a result of our pursuit of justice and desire to bring such a long train of abuses by assailants to the public’s eye, we have also been addressed in a provocative manner by individual constituents of these group of bullies.
Therein lays the attachment in this e-mail which I have forwarded to you on behalf of myself and the organization, Collective Consciousness. This attachment is a personal reply to an individual that challenged me by making her own web blog post using my name and screenshots form Facebook. THerefore, I have not only used my screenshots to prove the connection between Mary Rizzo and the Facebook Hate website “No One in Gaza Wants Ken O Keefe” AND Kimberly Amatullah,but I have also provided a refutation of her article against Ken premise by premise with my own
inquires and refutations and challenges of her ambiguous rhetoric in attacking, and most importantly are included screenshots providing the narrative of how Kimberly Amatullah and others attempted to intimidate, threaten my life, and harass me over a $100 loan because I refused to engage in a campaign to defame Ken O Keefe.
I believe, strongly, that my screenshots, along with others I have not included, not only prove the relationship of Mary Rizzo, Kimberly Amatullah, and others; but it shows what lengths of illegal and
unethical activity all of the aforementioned and more are willing to go to destroy Ken O Keefe.
Moreover, I hope to clear my credibility and name with this narrative and proof.
Taiyo “Siraj” Davis
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