Repentant Qabbani: Armed Terrorists Shoot Demonstrators to Accuse Syrian Army

Mohamad Salim Qabbani, a former collaborator with Mass Media means of lies and fabrications against Syria, narrated last night to Syrian Satellite TV Channel his personal involvement in fabricating news about the ongoing in Syria.
Qabbani disclosed the presence of scores of specialized so-called news rooms to invent, edit and fabricate news items and stories to be aired by scores of media outlets like B.B.C., al-Jazeera, France 24, al-Arabyia and others.
Qabbani pointed out that he made calls to and contacts with scores of media outlets to tell them different invented stories about the city of Homs when he was in Lebanon in Irsal town.
Qabbani added that armed terrorist used to shoot at the demonstrators in different regions as to accuse the Syrian Army and Security of doing so.
“The demonstrators felt bored if they weren’t to provoke security forces; so the demonstrators used to hurl Molotov or stones at the security forces which could not but defend themselves,” said Qabbani.
He spoke about ways and means of taken photos montage and editing in collaboration with scores of professional photographers hired by different media outlets.
Qabbani disclosed some information about the secret life of some figures who worked on the shedding of Syrian blood at the orders of foreign sides and countries, asserting that they were drug-addicted and hired killers.
Qabbani, who said that he was threatened by the armed terrorist groups to collaborate with them, underscored that he had no alternative out of fear for his family and life from the terrorists but to collaborate with them in filming and fabricating lies and out-of-place and of–time hypothetical stories and events.
“All of the satellite channels which contacted me for live reports about events in and from Homs did know that I wasn’t talking to them from Homs but from Lebanon,” disclosed Qabbani.
Qabbani also told the interviewer about the real identity and behavior of scores of some persons involved in fabricating and inventing events and stories like Khalid Abu Salah, who once appeared on TV grasping a killed child accusing the army of killing it, while this child was killed in an explosion of explosive devices under preparation by the armed groups.
Qabbani added that the much talked about al-Khaldiyeh massacre was caused too by an explosion of the then under-preparation explosive devices by the terrorists in a building in the city of Homs.
Media outlets of lies and fabrications used this explosion as a pretext to accuse the Syrian Army of killing civilians and to steer public opinion against countries which support the truth in Syria.
”I surrendered myself to the Syrian authorities because all what we have done is wrong. I didn’t want the Syrian blood to be shed. Weapons bring destruction and killing and I don’t want to destroy Syria which should never be destroyed,” added Qabbani.
Qabbani urged every person who can benefit the authorities with a piece of information to surrender himself and everyone who carries weapons to surrender himself and weapons and would be released as it was the case with him.

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