René González denounces U.S.-based terrorism against Cuba


“Our real mission was to protect the Cuban people”

René González with his family in Cuba, shortly after being freed from prison in the United States

The following article was originally published by Prensa Latina and appeared on the website of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five
London, Mar 7: Anti-terrorist Cuban fighter René González denounced today US-based groups that perpetrate terrrorist actions against Cuba and called for intensifying the demand for the release of his comrades still imprisoned in the United States.
Gonzalez testified via Skype to an international commission gathered here to investigate the case of the five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters arrested by US authorities in 1998 for monitoring Florida-based terrrorist groups operating against Cuba.
Gonzalez left prison two years ago after fully serving a harsh prison sentence and returned to Cuba in 2013 after giving up his US citizenship. Fernando Gonzalez served his over 15-year prison sentence and returned to Cuba a week ago.
Their comrades Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero and Ramon Labanino are still in prison.
They are all internationally known as The Cuban Five.
Gonzalez gave names and details about groups and individuals committed to plan and execute terrorist attacks against Cuba.
He cited the Cuban-American National Foundation, Brothers to the Rescue and the Democracy Movement, as well as notorious terrorists Luis Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch, Jose Basulto and others.
In response to questions from the commissioners, he explained the violations of due process and irregularities committed against The Cuban Five since the moment of their detention.
In this regard, he refered to the illegal classification of all documents related to the case and the conditions of their imprisonment, aspects that were denounced by a UN body and International Amnesty.
He reiterated that The Cuban Five were not in the United States to harm anyone, but to prevent terrorist actions against human life and properties.
The three commissioners Yogesh Sabharwal (India), Phillipe Texcier (France) and Zac Jaccob (South Africa) lamented Rene Gonzalez’ absence in today’s hearing due to Britain’s refusal to grant him a visa to come to London.
You are a man of courage and great principles and morale, said Judge Jaccob, an ex member of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, in his closing speech at the hearing, which was applauded by more than 300 people present at the London College of Law.

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