Remaining Militants Withdraw from Aleppo After Failed Night Attack ”Video”

aleppo militant

Last night, Jaish al-Fatah militants launched a major offensive against government forces in Hikmah from the direction of Rashiddeen 4 in the southwestern Aleppo countryside.

After a series of firefights, the Syrian Army and Hezbollah forced Jaish al-Fatah units to retreat.

As a result,  a group of militants, sabotaged the evacuation from Aleppo on December 14, which had been agreed under conditions of the Syrian government.

Militants remaining inside Aleppo will have an opportunity to withdraw to Idlib on December 15. If they refuse, the Syrian army will continue the counter-terrorism operation to clear the building blocks controlled by gunmen opposing the evacuation.

10:38 CET 15.12.2016 – The withdrawal of militants from Aleppo is now ongoing.

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