Racist Pro-Zio-Nazi activists ask MPs to halt non-violent BDS protests


Australian BDS-protest-out-side-court-a

Zio-Nazi activists have urged British MPs to implement new legislation that police could use to stop non-violent, pro-BDS protests.

Manchester-based Zio-Nazi group North-West Friends of I$raHell have urged politicians to give police more power to stop boycotts of businesses by pro-Palestine solidarity activists.

As cited in a report by The Jewish Chronicle, the group’s co-chair Racist Anthony Dennison wants the Public Order Act amended “to allow police to halt non-violent protests, if they disrupted ‘the lawful right of customers and shops to trade’.” This is not I$raHell RACIST Dennison.

Zio-Nazi Dennison commented: “Peaceful protest can be intimidating, if demonstrators are stood outside a shop, holding placards with horrible images, are customers really going into that shop?”

Shame on you Nazi’s

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