Racist vandals attacked our friends in Seattle.

  Stop rAciZm
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We knew that Arizona’s new radical immigration law would stir up hate speech and racist voices nationwide.1 But we didn’t know it would hit so close to home.
Just before our friends at Washington CAN arrived to plan an immigrant rights march, racist vandals slashed their tires, spray-painted “heil Hitler” symbols and hurled a steel ball through the window.2
We’re tired of this violence. We’re tired of members of Congress having to close down their offices due to death threats and smashed windows. We’re tired of the hate speech and threats.
So we’re sending a giant banner made up of the names of all TrueMajority members who stand together against this racist violence. WashCAN staff and volunteers will carry the banner this Saturday as a sign of solidarity against hate.
Will you stand with us against this violence?
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We’d like to believe this is an isolated incident. But it’s not. Hate speech and violence have been on the rise in America the last few months. Whether it’s spitting on John Lewis, a congressman and civil rights icon, or attacking the offices of our friends and allies in Seattle — the source is the same. 

Now Arizona’s “show your papers” law is emboldening white supremacists and racists across the country. It has to stop. What will be next? Armed militiamen patrolling not just the Mexican border but the streets of our neighborhoods too?

If we don’t take a stand and back up our friends on the front lines, it’s not hard to imagine how this will get out of hand.
Sign now to support our Seattle office’s march for immigrant rights and the fight to stop the racism before it spreads further. If you’ve got a Facebook account, after you sign on to show support click the “Like” button and we’ll proudly add your profile picture to the banner too.
– Japhet
Japhet Els
TrueMajority / USAction
1 – latimes.com/news/local/la-me-0428-arizona-boycott-20100428,0,3848260.story
2 – kirotv.com/news/23277469/detail.html

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