(contributed by Ibrar Ali)

He made several racist remarks about Clement, he called him a ‘black monkey’ and ‘f**k Clement he is not of our religion’. He could say and do anything he wanted, as he was protected by senior management at the forum.

A complaint was put in about his behaviour and his racist comments, but Pat Wing told us we would leave before Hamid. This is an offensive statement. He also said his tenants were playing up so he went around to the house with PC Andy Thomas and said to the tenants that they were both POLICE OFFICERS and that’s why the tenant left. Abdul Hamid bragged about this. This man is your Public Enquiry Desk in Edward Road Police Station. This is very wrong and dangerous.

Pat Wing is an ex-Police Officer. According to the Balsall Heath Forum Staff Handbook under the Equal Opportunities Policy, “The B.H.F will treat incidents of discrimination and harassment seriously?” (see page 15 of Staff Handbook).

See: Ibrar Ali statement to RACIST Dick Atkinson, RACIST Pat Wing and Chief Constable mr Scott-Lee 18.04.2003

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