Dear Sammi,
It was great to meet you yesterday even if we did not have much time to discuss.  I am attaching a few different things:
Racialism a danger to Labour 1961.  There are a number of pages about Birmingham here in fight against racists and fascists and its class line in seeking to unite the unions, community organisations seems correct.
The language is of course of 1961 and I think all sectors of the working class fighting racism used that language.  I would welcome any comment.
“There is only one effective method for dealing with racialists: to use the organized strength of the working class to deal them such a blow that they dare not show their faces in the streets of the city. Birmingham No. 9 branch of the A E U has put in a more militant addendum to the above resolution.
They have called for the launching of an immediate campaign by the Trades Council, jointly with other bodies which oppose racialist discrimination, against the Immigration Control Association. [my emphasis editor 2010] This is a lead which must be taken up throughout the country.
In every large city joint committees should be set up with trade union and Labour Party representatives together with representatives of West Indian, Pakistani, Somali, Arab and Indian workers’ organizations. [my emphasis editor] There should be a place on such committees, too, for the Young Socialists, YCND, the Socialist Labour League, Movement for Colonial Freedom, YCL, etc.
It is to be hoped that this last resolution is carried by the Birmingham Trades Council.* It is very right that the campaign against the racialists should begin in Birmingham. For many months these people have concentrated their activities in the Birmingham area.”
The leaflet – ‘london conference’ is from the last conference in 2008, the next conference will have the same kind of feel about and also deal with some more issues.  We would like very much like to discuss the development of this fight with you and anyone else that you think would be interested.
If you think it a god idea perhaps we could come to Birmingham some time to discuss the development of the next conference we would be very keen to work with others in a fraternal way on this question.
I also attach some material about Haiti and Brazil.  The Brazilian federation conlutas has taken the demand to support Haiti and Batay into the working class and raised about $83,000 from the factories and unions.
Online  www.internationalsocialisleague.org.uk
International  http://www.litci.org/en/  the Spanish section has more material.
Please send any material that you want.
Comradely Martin

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