Rabbi Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

End Note: This demagogic tele-Rabbi, who I have never taken seriously because he a mere tool of the sheikhs of oil and natural gas, ruled in a fatwawawawa that Qadhdhafi should be killed.  This man would never ever make such a ruling against an Zionist terrorist leader.  His oil patron would not let him, for sure.


Rabbi Qaradawi

Rabbi scholar Pro-Western-Zionist Youssef Qaradawi that unless the Arab countries put an end to the slaughter of civilians in Syria, the Syrians, it would be right to request intervention by the United Nations.

Zionist Rabbi Qaradawi called on Arab countries to take advantage of the form in the Turkish government, saying that the model was able to win the Islamists to lay quietly.

The Chairman of the International Union for Muslim Scholars in the interview with the Financial Times of London, that the rise of the Islamists is inevitable and said, “Valmmnoa desirable, and we were always prevented the Islamists.”

Zionist Rabbi Qaradawi said that the Islamic movements and Islamic call has fought and suppressed, and did not have luck or place, but now the rulers was overthrown tyrants, and will not prevent the Islamists from nothing to have the prestige that Isthakoha in the heart of the community.

He advised the party that Nour Salafist in Egypt to adopt new thinking, and they told him in the first political experience, and they have to deal with people in moderation, hoping to be achieved.

Zionist Rabbi Qaradawi and predicted a change in foreign policy in the region, and pointed out that Western countries have to think about how to deal with Islam, while Israel can not be built on its strength.

He said that those involved in the Awakening, which is governed by Alaslamiyon would be extremely wise in their dealings with the West and Israel, but they will not accept oppression.

He believed that the privacy of revolutions in the Arab determined it was a popular uprising, non-negotiable demands complete change, people should change from the inside to accommodate much for them.

According to the Financial Times, that many Arabs see as the Sheikh al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of revolutions. He was always one of the most influential religious authorities in Sunni Islam.

The paper, that support for Qaradawi to the NATO campaign in Libya has given legitimacy to the mission sparked controversy, also helped his attack on the Syrian regime to mobilize the Arab countries to put pressure on Damascus, which now says that unless the Arab countries put an end to the slaughter of civilians, it would be the right of Syrian to request intervention by the United Nation

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