Questions for the Iowa Caucus Counters


Who decided there needed to be a “better” way to tabulate the results, and why?

Why was the development of the app kept secret?

Why was it rushed into use with no training or testing?

What was the exact nature of the reporting “inconsistencies”?

Do we have certainty that every precinct’s results were tabulated and reported?

Why are the final results still being withheld?

What is being done to verify the results, how is it being done, and by whom?

Why did Buttigieg’s campaign quash the final poll — supposedly on the basis that someone wasn’t given his name to choose?

Can we see the script(s)?

Why did he declare victory before any results were released?

What exactly did the Buttigieg campaign pay the app development company for?

What exactly happened when precinct captains tried to phone in their results?

Why were they hung up on?

Why were those who took the results by hand, in person, turned away?

Why were party officials unprepared to receive phoned-in results?

Were there technical issues with the phones?

Were they understaffed?

Why aren’t caucus results proportional (i.e., a discrepancy between “popular vote” and delegates)?

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