Prof. Niloufer Bhagwat: Syrians more united around President al-Assad who resists the most satanic forces on earth


Professor Niloufer Bhagwat from the Indian Association of Lawyers has underscored that Syria is a front line in the third global war that aims at re-colonizing strategic regions of the world for the interest of imperialist governments.

She made it clear that the ‘new war of colonization’ is covert and overt and it is led by the United States, the UK , Israel among other NATO powers allied with the governments of Saudi Arabia, Turkey , Jordan and members of the Gulf Co-operation Council using hired criminalized mercenaries –terrorists- recruited from the region and Europe, as well as Special Forces and even soldiers of neighboring countries.  

Those terrorists, who are misusing Islam, are but tools to destabilize countries and to create chaos or sectarian violence in order to pave the way for armed intervention and military operations,” Prof. Bhagwat told the Syriatimes e-newspaper’s reporter, Basma Qaddour, in an e-mail interview.

She added: ” Terrorism is being used for aggression, occupation , economic and political subjugation  of the entire region of the Arab world including the Maghreb,  by the US led coalition of NATO, Israel  and the  regional powers involved. Any  government insists on the political and economic sovereignty of the people of the country  and does not fall in line, is targeted for regime change to install collaborator governments.”

Collaborator governments

“The collaborator governments have to serve the imperialist governments’ corporations and financial institutions, which control policy through think tanks such as the Rand Corporation  and Trilateral Commission.”

In this context it must not be forgotten that one of the first acts of the proxy government brought to power by a coup in Ukraine were transferring Ukrainian gold to Washington and imposing unbearable economic conditions on citizens of Ukraine  administered by a council answerable to the Troika of the IMF, European Central Bank and European Union, not to Ukrainian parliament.

Terrorist organizations serve US, UK, France geopolitical interests in ME region 

 “Therefore, the United States, the UK  and France will never pass a resolution in the U.N. Security Council to stop supporting terrorist organizations which serve their geopolitical interests related to occupying , pillaging and re-colonizing several regions of the world to shore up their economic and financial decline,” Prof. Bhagwat  stressed.

She affirmed that there are secret treaties between the US and the UK led NATO powers in alliance with Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and a few Emirates to carve out strategic areas for gas and oil pipelines among these belligerent powers across Syria.

” It was reported that on the sidelines of major Oil Companies’ conference held in November 2013 in Turkey , the government of Turkey was ordered to step up the war on Syria  by these War Criminal Oil  Companies who have a leading role in deciding which regions and countries are singled out for war and civil strife.”

Prof. Bhagwat indicated that the Turkish regime’s policy against Syria has been planned by the Rand Corporation – a conservative think tank- which is funded by US Corporations and Banks and Financial Institutions for the fragmentation and re-structuring of different strategic regions of the world vital for gas and oil pipelines.

Erdogan receives funding from Gulf Co-operation Council

Prof. Bhagwat asserted that Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself receives funding  from members of the Gulf Co-operation Council and he is personally financially beholden to these regimes apart from the close collaboration with Israel sought to be camouflaged by the tragedy of the M.avi Marmara.

“The Turkish government is operating like a rogue state and a colonial power in the Arab world. Its support for terrorist organizations in Syria is an open aggression against Syria,” She said, expecting that Syrian army will no longer avoid direct confrontation with the Turkish army, which participated in aggression on several areas in Idlib, Aleppo and Lattakia provinces.

From her view point, every country in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Emirates, which are the allies of the above mentioned members of the  U.N. Security Council- colonial powers- will be struck into the cauldron in one way or another in the name of ” terrorism”  in order to show that this is a war not only on Syria but  on the entire Arab world, and on the regions of Africa equally chosen for looting its resources including gold and national budgets.

“The native Americans or Red Indians were wiped out although the white settlers had signed scores of treaties. These are the lessons of history,” the Indian lawyer said.

She sees that if the colonial powers succeed in achieving their goals in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, a future assault will be on Iran.

“Russia will remain a target for the colonial powers, which also seek to create flashpoints for the outbreak of war in the south China sea,”   Prof. Bhagwat added.

She underlined the important role of the region peoples’ unity in resisting re-canalization, noting that media outlets have to explain to the world public opinion that what is going on in the Arab world is a colonial war and not a mere terrorist operation.

The Indian lawyer was among the members of the International Peace Delegation that was in Syria on April 23-28, 2015.

She told us that the morale of the Syrian people and the  absence of war hysteria among the people, soldiers, intellectuals and political leaders attracted her.

Spiritual co-existence

” There was a quiet determination and renewed commitment  amongst citizens going to their routine tasks; equally unforgettable  was the philosophical spirit and spiritual unity among the highest clergy of different religious denominations , all of whom have sacrificed in one way or another as the ongoing brutal attacks have affected almost every family,” Prof. Bhagwat said.

Not enough attention has been focused on the fact that in Syria it is absurd to refer to the sectarian issue , as cultures are deeply intertwined and linked  and the co-existence is deeply-rooted there.

“President Bashar al-Assad represents Syrians’ emotional and spiritual co-existence,” Prof. Bhagwat said.

She pointed out that the Syrian people have rallied around President Bashar al-Assad and they are more united after four years of crisis because  they have realized that President al-Assad is resisting the most satanic forces on earth .

“Syria is a military front preventing direct attacks on other countries and societies declared as the next military targets for terrorist organizations,” Prof. Bhagwat added.

” I had in my childhood years learnt a lot about Damascus as the cradle of civilization, and I truly believed that there would have been no Mecca without Damascus, which had in centuries witnessed so many religious dialogues and movements… I have not imagined that one day I would be sitting head bowed praying for peace  at the Umayyad Mosque with members of the International Peace Delegation and our friends in Syria from different religious faiths and Islamic denominations and that each one of us would pray in accordance with the customs of our different countries and religious beliefs adjacent to the mausoleum where the head of John the Baptist the religious mentor of Jesus Christ is buried at the center of the Mosque  and the mausoleum of the assassinated religious head of Syria next to the tomb of the brave General and Monarch  Salaheddin, who defeated the crusaders adjacent to the mosque.”

This is Syria

“This is Syria which I dreamed about , where there was no clash of civilizations, as civilizations do not clash ; all wars are waged for political and economic reasons not for culture or for humanity.”

“As the Buddhists say the most difficult Karma is to be a soldier and in times such as these !!!For me Damascus had become a place of pilgrimage , as I had promised my father a Muslim and my mother a Zoroastrian that I would not step on the soil of the  occupied territory of Saudi Arabia, unless liberated, I would find my own  place of pilgrimage , a place worthy of my personal prayers for humanity and of my homage.”

I found it in Syria  that the heads of all religious denominations respect the belief and faith of others. they do not divide humanity into narrow and bigoted religious sects and denominations and where the religious heads understand how and why humanity is enslaved and by whom and
where the answer lies.

goals of the visit
“The International peace  initiative began after the aggression on Syria,” Prof. Bharwat  said, adding that the goals of the delegation’s recent visit to Syria were to express fraternal support and solidarity with the Syrian people against the aggression, to participate in the conference held by the Damascus University on “Syria from Destruction to Reconstruction”, to visit some of the sites of world heritage destroyed by criminal gangs, and to attend the solemn religious ceremonies commemorating the 100th  anniversary massacre of Armenians by the Turkish government and its elite conspirators.

“In one way or another some of the members of the delegation are in a position to influence policy makers either because they are in touch with parliamentarians and religious heads of their institutions, or they are influential in media circles , or some like me have raised the issue at national conferences of lawyers in India from 2011 while presenting papers on the International and national situation,” Prof. Bhagwat concluded.

International Peace Delegation

The International Peace Delegation that was in Syria included:

– Dr. Declan Hayes of Ireland.

– Reverend Andrew Ashdown representing the Church of England who carried a message from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

– Father Dave Smith representative of the Protestant Church from Australia accompanied by a member of the Australian Olympic boxing team.

– Professor Simon Keys from Winchester University in England.

– Professor Mohammed Maradi, Professor of North American Studies from Tehran University,

– John Mesler free- lance journalist from New York, Professors from Armenia.
– Dr, Faisal Abdul al-Sater, the veteran journalist representing the media of Lebanon

– Professor Niloufer Bhagwat from  the Indian Association of Lawyers.

Interviewed by : Basma Qaddour

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