Indians and real [non-Zionist] Jews, just as Indians and Palestinians, are natural allies. But Indians and Zionists have as much in common as Indians and the historical and present-day Settlers of the Americas who were/are bent on the forcible removal, extermination and/or forced assimilation of all Indians; that which also parallels the past and present-day Zionist Settlers in Israel that clearly have the same intentions with respect to Palestinians.
As various Indigenous realities and struggles increasingly appear as just and imperative for any chance of survival as Peoples, because of the historical and present-day realities of genocide and international law that cannot be ignored or covered-up any longer, all sorts of nefarious forces, with nefarious intentions. hiding behind masks and offering “sugar-coated bullets”, are surfacing and trying to attach themselves with, and gain some kind of legitimacy through, some elements among Indigenous Nations and remnants of Nations in the Americas.Certain elements from the Taiwan “independence” forces have been attempting to forge “sports” and “cultural” exchanges between certain First Nations “Traditional” Indians in Canada and the U.S., suggesting that the present-day people of Taiwan are “Indigenous” and with the same rights under international law: to independence; self-determination; sovereignty; non-interference in internal affairs; UN membership as nation-states; to return to “traditional governments” as do the First Nations Peoples in Canada and the U.S. They argue that “facts on the ground and international law parallel, in the case Taiwan, the respective cases of and for First Nations in the Americas that are being made by Traditional Indians opposing genocide in the Americas as well as serial breaches of Treaties and Treaty rights and other threats to the continued existence of Indigenous people as Peoples. There are also overtures being made to certain First Nations by elements favoring “independence” of Tibet.Of course the historical reality is that the true Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan were systematically exterminated in the early 1900s by the Japanese and later between 1945 and 49 by the Kuomintang on Taiwan the predecessors of some of the the present-day right-wing elements trying to promote Taiwan “independence” and “sovereignty”
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