PRO ISRAHELL (JEM): Mali’s Zionist Jihadists Were Transported to Darfur



The Sudanese government has flown Malian Jihadis into Darfur, said a leading rebel official from the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM). Tahir El-Faki, speaker of JEM’s Legislative Assembly, who was in Paris leading a JEM delegation for talks with French officials, reiterated that the Malian Jihadi groups are in the troubled North Darfur state after a large-scale military operation carried out by the French and Malian armies against their positions in northern Mali earlier this month.
El-Faki told Sudan Tribune:On Monday our people on the ground noticed their presence in Umm Sidr, in North Darfur state, and some areas near Kutum. I’m dubious about reports saying they entered from Libya. Our people at Jebel Umm al-Owainat on the border with Libya haven’t seen any vehicles crossing into Sudan recently. So, saying they came through Libya is not accurate, unless they were transported by helicopters or other aircraft from Kuffra in Libya to Kutum in North Darfur. We have warned the French about the presence of these Jihadis in western Sudan. The Sudanese government may deliver some of them to Western countries and demand a reward. But maybe they also plan to use them to control areas of Golo and Kutum and force the indigenous population to leave their land in Jebel Marra.
Different reports circulate about the fate of the Jihadis, whose leaders have vanished, leaving no information about their whereabouts. Le Temps d’Algérie suggested that Qatar had dispatched 2 airplanes to move the leaders of different Jihadi groups, many of them Algerians. Eric Denécé of the French Centre for Research on Intelligence told the Algerian daily on Feb 5:This information has been circulating recently.Faki underscored that the Islamists who are arrived in North Darfur are from different countries, including Mali, Niger and Chad.
He added that some of them had been in Darfur before moving to Mali last year. Sudanese and French governments did not react openly to the statements made by the rebel groups on the presence of the Malian rebels. During his visit to Paris JEM delegation explained to the French government, political parties and civil society groups its positions on the different developments in the country. They also held a meeting with the members of the Sudanese community in the French capital.
[ed notes:they also met with the sudanese community in paris,after talks with french officials lol part 2 of the Zio-french colonial project in Mali ,go after Sudan.also see this FLASH BACK- Jibreel Silent on JEM’s Khalil Ibrahim Anniversary in Israel

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