Pro-IsraHell Candidate Defeated in New Jersey


by Jeff Davis
A pro-Israel candidate for Congress, Steve Rothman has been defeated in a Democrat primary, in which Rothman’s sycophantic support for Israel was made a major issue.
An article from reports: “A Democratic primary race in northern New Jersey has devolved into a highly competitive proxy war over Israel, pitting the state’s pro-Israel community against a growing constituency of Arab voters who have accused a sitting congressman of putting Israel’s interests before America’s. As the race between Democratic Reps. Steve Rothman and Bill Pascrell nears its… finish, veteran political observers on the ground have expressed concern at the way the battle between the two veteran lawmakers has transformed into a troubling ethnic brawl.”
“One side says, ‘We want this Jew out of office’ and, frankly, it’s pretty unsettling,’ Ben Chouake, president of NORPAC, a pro-Israel political action committee based in Englewood Cliffs, told the Free Beacon.”
It’s not unsettling for me to see an Israel-first politician voted out. Actually, I think it’s a very refreshing development. The only thing that would make it better would be if all politicians who put Israel first were challenged by candidates who put America first.
The article continues “Others say they simply cannot recall a congressional race becoming a referendum on a candidate’s religion. ‘For the first time in recent American political history, we are witnessing a proxy battle between supporters and detractors of Israel, and it’s playing out in the Ninth District of New Jersey,’ said one veteran campaign strategist who is knowledgeable about the district.”
“The race took an unprecedented turn on Monday when an Arabic campaign poster supporting Pascrell surfaced. It urged the Arab diaspora community to elect the friend of the Arabs and billed the race as the most important election in the history of the Arab community, according to a WFB translation of the sign.”
The Jews -by the way- are a RACE, not a religion. The word “rabbi” means teacher, and there are some rabbis who openly admit that they are atheistic. Judaism is a racial organization pretending to be a religion.
The rest of this long article from is one endless whine on the part of the Jews, but at least for once the whole Israel-first issue is being discussed in public, and that alone is an immense step forward. This is probably the first time any of these Zionist butt-kissers have ever been opposed for their support of the Zionist bandit state.
An article from reports “Pascrell beats Rep. Rothman in Democratic primary”.
For decades our enemies have made sure that only sell out candidates emerge from the primaries. The Tea Party has begun the process of weeding out Republicans who are weak on immigration and cutting taxes. It’s good to see the Democrats kick out a pro-Israel shill.

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