Pro-Brexit Campaign Back In Lead Hours Before EU Vote

The pro-Brexit campaigners in the UK have once again pulled ahead of the “Remain” campaign, hours before the country’s future in the European Union (EU) is decided in a crucial referendum, a new poll shows.

The survey, released by Opinium on Wednesday, found that 45 percent of Britons were in favor of leaving the bloc while 44 percent opposed the idea.

The remainder of those who were surveyed said they prefer to not declare which side they were going to support.

According to the pollsters, the nearly zero margin between the both sides hinted at a “statistical dead heat” as the one percent lead fell in the margin of error.

In a last-ditch effort before the Thursday vote, both sides of the debate continued their efforts to win more support among voters.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron was joined by former PM John Major and ex-Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman in a bid to convince Britons to remain in the EU.

UK opposition Labour party leader…

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