Nazi regime Starting to implement preventive measures within the detention and intermediary departments

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine: The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority reported that a meeting of understandings was held Thursday morning, between representatives of the prisoners in the “Negev” Nazi Camp and the prison administration, which ended with the pledge of the prison Nazi administration to start implementing some preventive measures in the detention facilities, and then circulate it to the rest of the sections In prisons, in order to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic among the prisoners.

The commission clarified that since the period of the prisoners started implementing escalatory steps, such as returning meals and closing the sections in several central prisons, among them the “Negev”, in response to the failure of the Nazi occupation Camps administration to take the necessary health measures and measures to confront Corona, and after that the administration of the “Negev” Nazi detention Camp Spraying and sterilizing sections in detention.   

She added that during today’s session, the “Negev” administration pledged to start sterilizing the “central” vehicles, and to quarantine any prisoner who is being recently detained in a precautionary manner for 14 days before entering the departments.

The understandings also touched upon an agreement stipulating that the examination of windows for prisoners be conducted twice during the day, so that the first examination will be from inside the rooms, and the second from outside without the prisoners entering the departments, in order to prevent the prisoners from mixing with the prisoners as much as possible.

In another context, the Prisoners ’Committee indicated in its report that after confirming the infection of the liberated prisoner, Noureddine Sarsour, with the Corona virus, which was released on Tuesday from Ofer Nazi Camp, the Nazi occupation authorities questioned the Palestinian Ministry of Health’s account of his injury.

The Nazi occupation authorities claimed that there were no injuries among the prisoners, despite their earlier confirmation that cases between prisoners and investigators were recorded.

She noted that the Ofer Nazi Camp administration continues to violate the prisoners in a blatant manner, aside from its procrastination by implementing preventive measures inside the departments in order to prevent the spread of the virus, it intentionally implements a campaign of movement of prisoners between the sections of the prison, which leads to the prisoners’ contact with the prisoners and their mixing with them, as the prisoners are exposed To become infected with the virus due to contact with the outside environment, especially since the cases of infection with the virus increase dramatically within the occupying country.

The Palestinian Prisoners Authority again appealed to the World Health Organization and legal and legal institutions to the necessity of immediate intervention and pressure on the Nazi occupation regime to take the necessary measures and measures that are actually correct, that would prevent the spread of the virus among the detainees and thus save their lives.

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