Press TV: Netanyahu, the Desperate Despot


Netanyahu, the Desperate Despot

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

Eleven years ago, 1/8th of Lower Manhattan was vaporized in what is officially, based on demonstrable effects, the largest man-made “event” in history.  Yesterday, Kevin Barrett, in an article for Press TV’s “Viewpoint,” made the case for Israeli involvement.
Barrett’s observation is of the behavior of Israel’s mercurial and increasingly unstable Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, whose obsession with a third consecutive disastrous war in the Middle East, to be fought by Americans, mind you, is inexplicable.
Netanyahu sees the writing on the wall, that 9/11 is going to be dumped on his doorstep after the election.
The “Danse Macabre” so many have engaged in, the mythical tale of imaginary hijackers, vast underground military bases in Afghanistan, perhaps built by aliens, the ones that mysteriously vanished along with Iraq’s vast “weapons of mass destruction” program, was only plausible for just so long.
The reality of today is clear.  The White House and Pentagon are unwilling to submit to Netanyahu’s increasingly delusional ramblings.
On November 8, 2011, Ynet News, the Israeli news agency reported an “open mike” discussion between French Prime Minister Sarkozy and President Obama following a G 20 session:
Ynet News said that the leaders had retired to a private room after speaking to reporters at a G20 meeting last Thursday when the conversation turned to Netanyahu.

 “I cannot stand him,” Sarkozy hissed to Obama.
“He’s a liar.”
 Obama quickly chimed in with his own Bibi blast: “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day.”

Netanyahu has gotten the message, “uninvited” to the White House, “dressed down” by General Dempsey and US Ambassador Don Siegel.  Only the press, a backing that is dwindling every day and an equally dwindling number of American legislators continue to parrot Israel’s agenda.
The premises are actually quite amazing.  Israel, a nation subjected to 116 majority UN votes demanding sanctions for war crimes, is given the right to decide which nations can have, not just nuclear weapons but medical isotopes or nuclear power.
Last week, Iran notified the IAEA that they would be held responsible if false information spread by them brought about an attack on Iran.
This statement, unlike so many others, is strongly rooted in a very real conspiracy.
In an interview with Clinton Bastin, US Marine Corps World War II veteran and former nuclear weapons designer for the US Department of Energy for 40 years and lead consultant to the IAEA, the following was revealed about IAEA sources for purposefully inaccurate information:

Bastin:  “The DOE also lost ability to accurately assess nuclear weapon threats.  Scientists in non-government institutes and others who do not understand basic concepts of nor the technology to produce nuclear weapons provide information to the news media about nuclear weapons.
David Albright, a physicist, former colleague, president of the non-government Institute for Science and International Security in Washington and a former consultant for IAEA inspectors, is recognized by the US news media as an expert on nuclear weapons but is not. 
I called David several months ago to correct inaccurate information attributed to him by New York Times reporter William J. Broad.   I also mentioned that Pakistan probably did not have many nuclear weapons because gun-type weapons require about 100 pounds of highly enriched uranium. 
David said that he had seen drawings of Pakistan’s weapons and they had solid cores but were implosion, not gun-type.  With that statement, I realized that David did not understand basic concepts of nuclear weapons.”

(Clinton Bastin: (Chemical Engineer/Nuclear Scientist, US Department of Energy – Retired) directed US programs for safe and successful production of nuclear materials and weapons and development of gas centrifuge technology and the successful US nonproliferation initiative with India.  He advised US national security agencies on proliferation threats in other nations and was a lead consultant to the IAEA for its study of Regional Nuclear Fuel Cycle Centers.)
Bastin further states that Netanyahu has been thoroughly briefed on these facts but chooses to ignore them in his call to attack Iran.
Even more curious is the bizarre predicament where the heads of the world’s two nuclear superpowers, Obama and Putin, both have publicly ignored facts both have been briefed on and have supported sanctions against Iran based on what they know to be utter and absolute falsehoods.
Thus, the analysis outlined by Dr. Barrett, that Netanyahu is demanding war for some other reason, in particular fear of a wider investigation of 9/11, is far from “conspiracy theory” but the only conclusion supportable by fact.
The general assumption Netanyahu had relied upon was that the United States would respond as “directed” when confronted with a manipulated version of events.
9/11 was decided long before the dust, formerly a million tons of high strength steel, had settled.
Years later the 9/11 Commission would publish a predictable report but, in the process, claim their findings were based on withheld information, perjured testimony and coercion.
Dr. Barrett is correct also, being aware that millions of Americans and others the world over are obsessed with 9/11.  The reason is easily disenable, 2 wars, both total failures, both debunked and discredited, world financial collapse and a political upheaval that may only have just begun, all of which can be directly attributed to the seemingly inexplicable events of 9/11.
For the last few years, thousands of dedicated researchers, thoroughly infiltrated by “agent provocateurs” and continually attacked by heavily financed “pop culture” media, short on science and long on “moral flexibility” have fought a war over complex theories, efforts to identify very real conspirators while undergoing the largest infiltration and deception operation in history.
A more subtle theory than the one Dr. Barrett has grasped, not in any way disputing his assumptions which border on the “axiomatic,” there may be a second level of Mr. Netanyahu’s gamesmanship.
I have always stressed that 9/11 be looked at as a crime, “means, motive and opportunity” as the operative methodology for finding the “bad guys” and bringing them to justice.”
With the world’s largest buildings simply disappearing like a trick of a stage magician and endless discussions of “how” or “means,” discussions that all lead down a predictable path, one where any potential call for furthering an investigation would be immediately derailed by unchallengeable denials.
As long as things continued this way, there was never a threat of exposure, despite the highly qualified analyses of those such as Dr. Sabrosky, who places responsibility with Israel.
After all, nobody was arrested flying a plane into a building or with a van full of explosives, right?
Funny thing about that statement as, in actuality, it really isn’t right at all.
Back during the 1920’s, America was in a period when organized crime very visibly ran the nation.  The “Osama bin Laden” of that period was a Chicago gangster name Al Capone.  No matter how hard the government tried to arrest him for violent crimes, he managed to escape.
Then the government arrested him for income tax evasion.  In 1931 he went to prison for 11 years, never to reassume his public persona.  In reality, of course, he never ran America’s organized crime network which is alive and well and now running the world from Washington, New York, Zurich and Tel Aviv.
You see, on 9/11, there were arrests.  Two men were arrested by New Jersey State Troopers after fleeing a van filled with explosives on the George Washington Bridge, a major artery in and out of New York City.  The officers who made the arrests did so while in constant monitored communications, outlining every move from finding the explosives, to watching the van explode to chasing down the armed suspects and arresting them.
Copies of this audio recording have been widely distributed, recordings which end with the suspects alive and hand cuffed in the back of a patrol car, waiting to be delivered to justice.
This was the last anyone ever heard of them.
The arrests were reported by CNN and CBS and the video is also widely distributed but has remained “unexamined” for 11 years, not by accident, I assure you.
A second similar arrest occurred just outside the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.  These suspects were arrested by officers and detectives of NYPD, armed suspects, a van filled with explosives ready to destroy the Lincoln Tunnel, a second major artery in and out of New York City.
A detective at the scene told me that NYPD Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, later nominated by President Bush to be Director of Homeland Security, took custody of the suspects.
Wikipedia has the following to say about the current status of Bernie Kerik:

“Kerik is currently incarcerated at a Federal prison camp, the Federal Correctional Institution, located in Cumberland, Maryland, serving a four-year sentence for “tax fraud and lying.” [12]”

All four suspects disappeared.  There were no news reports released by NYPD of the arrests unlike the national reports released by New Jersey.
All arrest records are gone, all forensic evidence is gone.
You have to understand, the very public arrest on the George Washington Bridge was done with nearly 200 people close at hand and hundreds more nearby in vehicles waiting in heavy traffic.
Not only that, none of the arresting officers or the dispatcher can be found though we have recordings of their voices.  All records of police scheduling assignments are missing.
In a similar issue, after the “explosion” in the first tower, those who reached the lobby in order to escape the World Trade Center tower found the lobby destroyed.
A massive explosion had occurred there prior to whatever happened above.  Thus, those who escaped, running down stairs past undamaged floor after floor found the lobby had been destroyed by a massive explosive device.
Those who reported this on network news, the many, are now silent as are the first responders who heard multiple explosions and reported that on news, information that exists today on hundreds of YouTube accounts.
As Mr. Netanyahu sits in Tel Aviv and broods over the animosity the United States now openly expresses against him, he must feel nagging doubts, perhaps even vulnerability.
Like Al Capone, a man Netanyahu curiously resembles, it may well be that “little thing” that brings him down.
Our friends at NYPD tell us that corrupt officials saw to it that facts were “contained” regarding the Lincoln Tunnel incident.
However, the bridge, that is something else.  The proof there is solid as are the witness statements of the destruction of the Tower lobby.
These are evidence of a conspiracy, one involving the release of armed suspects captured at the scene of an act of terrorism which, in itself, would, on any other day, have been worldwide news.
In fact, it was worldwide news; reported on every news agency but forgotten a day later, that “little thing,” the only real criminal case with actual suspects, real evidence and testimony that is not the tainted product of years of torture and coercion.
Suppressed from the 9/11 Commission, this evidence holds the fate of many, the Bush administration, perhaps a major conspiracy in Israel, a fact not in evidence but for the fate or “disposition” of two arrested terrorists who disappeared.
If there is a “small thing” that makes it all come crashing down around those who orchestrated a decade of death and deceit, this is it.

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