Press Conference on US, NATO attack on Libya (June 15, 2011)



Minister Louis Farrakhan

A powerful and important Press Conference with some extremely impressive speakers.  They are all Truth Sayers in the Land of Deceit!

By Debbie Menon

( – Minister Farrakhan exposed the U.S. and NATO’s criminal War Libya and Africa during a June 15, 2011 Press Conference at the UN Plaza Hotel. Also presenting were former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Human Rights Activist Viola Plummer and International Activist Cynthia McKinney.

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney in Libya

What a beautiful experience, watching and listening to these wise men and women. I’ve realized “America” is full of good people like them. Unfortunately, they do not get the exposure, attention or the respect they deserve, and therefore their influence is far lesser than they deserve.

There are probably good reasons why more of them are not into politics.

They are all Truth Sayers in the Land of Deceit!   And, this makes them third rail!  It also puts them in some grand and impressive company, right up there among people like The Kennedy brothers (assassinated) Paul Wellstone (Aircraft accident), Martin Luther King, (Assassinated), Elijah Muhammad (Predecessor and Spiritual guide of Farrakhan, also assassinated), and a great many other living martyrs who although still walking have been assassinated professionally and characteristically, like America’s top journalist Ms Helen Thomas, Prof. Norman Finkelstein, Prof. Bill Robinson, Joel Kovel and a great many, many, others with whom many of you may be familiar.

Will future men be permitted to grow to the stature which will be required to replace these gentlemen and women?  As Dr. Farrakhan says, “I think not!”  I fear not!

All of this “hatred” towards them is simply a measure of how successful the Zionist spinmeisters are with their “hate” spiels in North America.

I ask you all to listen to the full Farrakhan speech and challenge anyone who tries to dismiss or discredit him because he is “hated,” unpopular, or attempts character assassination, to respond to and prove or show whereany one of his many charges, and arguments are false or inaccurate, incorrect, excessive or exaggerating!

Yes, he comes on bombastic, proud, arrogant, perhaps smug, and officious. With his facts and numbers in order as he has them, he has a right to do so. His is the classical Catbird Seat at this conference… and he damned well knows it!

How about his comparison of US with other nation’s Human Rights?  Economies?  Quality of life?

Listen carefully to this man before you trash him just as the spinners of those false webs of intrigues want you to do.

Cynthia McKinney is a politician. But, she has not surrendered or trashed the moral and probably Christian up bringing of her mother or her youth, and still operates from the basis of moral Justice, and what is right. Hillary and most other politicians do not. Her mother taught her well the unwisdom of accepting gifts from her masters in the big house up on the hill.

She is a little lady, much bigger in the inside than she appears from the outside. She is full of guts, and the willing to risk them in doing what is right. But, she also knows and plays the cards of politics to the hilt.

She is one hellova good Capital Hill poker player, which is one of the things those Big fat-bellies on the hill cannot stand… a little girl from the backwoods coming in, upstaging them at their own game, and sweeping the tables clean.

I think she is enjoying herself, I hope so. She is doing all that Obama promised and failed to do with his color.

I am romantic enough to wish she were President. I am realist enough to realize that she doesn’t stand a chance. If she so much as declared as a candidate, she would not last even as long as Clown Trump lasted.

In her current capacity as an activist, she is a problem and a pest, but she is not a threat. But, they realize that she is a potential threat, and if she reaches for more, then they will treat her as a threat, and she will encounter deadly bad times.

Yes, this is third rail and we will draw a lot of heat disseminating this information.  A lot of it will be from ignorant people all of whom believe the “hate” screens which have been erected around these good men and women.  But, a greater majority of it will come from concerted and organized attacks from Zionists and Sayanims who will rise up in arms en mass against them and anyone who dares to touch or stand beside them, Louis Farrakhan, Cynthia McKinney, and Ramsey Clark.

And who is the quiet little guy on the left side of the screen who did not speak, but sat there, attentively, all the while?

His name is Brian Becker. He does good work, check him out:

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