President Ahmadinejad’s Speech At UN


  1. #1 by joe

    It would be a breath of fresh air if Mr. Ahmadinejad became the president of the United Nations
  2. #2 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally

    I would write only one comment here.
    If other Muslim countries do not make similar statements at the UN, like the ones made by Ahmedi Nejad, and be prepared to suffer the consequences, and their people not rise up NOW against those Muslim bastards that lead them, politically and religiously, IF THE DON’T, then they ARE NO DIFFERENT FROM THE JEWISH SHIT AND THEIR SATANIC ALLIED ARMIES!
    Let them, Christians and Muslims not lament when their countries and loved ones are bombed by the forces of Satan, NATO, Israel, USA, EU, Australia, Canada, New-Zealand, South Africa, India, etc.
    If they succeed in asassinating Ahmedi Nejad and bomb Iran in al impunity, then, let not one mosque and not one church stand because they are all the Synagogues of Satan!
  3. #3 by shaks

    ahmadinajad is a breath of fresh air, where are the other muslim countries, licking the zionists and western boots, yes a new world order is the need of the times, and YES jesus christ is coming to help create a new world order, a world of peace and tranquility, where are the so called centre of ISLAM, the saudis and middle eastern leaders who know the truth about JESUS CHRIST from the quran, they still keep licking the western and zionist boots
    Hands Off Iran

    STOP These WARS
  6. #7 by bilal ( zo Berlin – Germany)

    every time someone is leaving, the attention of the listeners is forced to another direction then the speech itself.
    i paused the video and thought; why did i stop listening when the cam is showing someone leaves the scene ?
    i got 2min back into the video and watched again.
    i was realy amazed because, although i was prepared to listen this time, it happened again and my attention was diverted away from the speaker.
    help, i’am not brainwashing proof
  7. #8 by Carlos

    I’m so embarassed to be part of a nation that boycotted this magnificent mans speech. (Canada)
    Steven Harper does not want to remember the face of the man who’s country he helps destroy in the coming months.

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