Croatia: prebankruptcyu settlement for son Linic's friends!



COMPANY Wood Industry Cazma is under investigation by State Attorney’s Office announced the HRT (Croatian Radio Television) . Index recently wrote about prebankruptcy settlement , which the Ministry of Finance forgives nearly 11 million companies Ratomir Radakovic whose father Peter was a close friend of Slavko Linić.
In October last year, the documents were as Wood Industry Cazma responsible to the Ministry of Finance only 1.2 million, and the debt is in the last two months jumped to 17 million. Special regulation on the Ministry of Finance transferred receivables of the Fund for Development and Employment of 16.2 million, where the voice of Šegon and Linic become crucial in prebankruptcy settlement with respect to the total debt Cazma was 38.5 million kuna . Vesna Radakovic has the highest claims among small creditors
The Ministry of Finance has been so up to 45 percent of the vote and voted for Prebankruptcy deal. Banks 13.8 million were not complaining they are not condoned no debt and voted ” For ” . Among other small creditors most claims had Vesna Radakovic , Ratomir’s mother and husband Peter Radakovic , with 13 percent of the total votes . That is, the company claimed was her son 5 million kuna of 7 million as small creditors were owed .
By this amount Vesna Radakovic came under incredible circumstances, because in the meantime paid the debt to the company of his son by Croatian Forests . Through the company BTC Bjelovar’s trade mall . headed , paid the debt of one million , although the company does not have one employee and operating income and financial expenses for years at the level of 10 to 15,000 kuna .
The question is how this small company could not fully pay the debt of 5 million and if
there is agreement .
“Overnight” burn in problems:
Wood Industry Cazma is making profits for years to 2012th The “overnight” burn in problems and finished the year with 10 million minuses. At that time the Act was passed prebankruptcy procedures. Radakovics had reason for optimism: Ratomir Radakovic father, Peter, was a close friend of the Finance Minister Slavko Linic, with whom regular map, and it is close to President Josipovic. At the same time, Peter Radakovic head of Erste Bank, “Social Democratic Party’s bank.”
Financial Restructuring Plan was adopted by a majority of creditors in late December. The next hearing at which decides the fate of the settlement will take place on 18th March on the Commercial Court in Bjelovar.

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