Portugal invites its Jews back …

Portugal has become the first country in the world other than Israel to adopt a law of return for Jews. At first, Portugal’s powerful Socialist Party was none too thrilled about inviting descendants of Portuguese Jews to return. But the Socialists eventually came around, submitting their own bill to naturalize Sephardic Jews that ultimately was incorporated into Ribeiro e Castro’s amendment to the Law on Nationality.The new legislation says “the government will give nationality … to Sephardic Jews of Portuguese ancestry who belong to a tradition of a Portuguese-descended Sephardic community, based on objective prerequisites proving a connection to Portugal through names, language and ancestry.”The law names Ladino, the Spanish-based Jewish dialect spoken by some 100,000 people worldwide, as a viable “linguistic connection.”
Whatever his motivation, focusing international attention on the Catholic Church’s dark history is a bold choice for Ribeiro e Castro, a Catholic himself and former director of the Church-affiliated TVI network. He attributes his decision to an old high school buddy who taught him about Sephardic traditions in Portugal, and [[[[[[to his father, who served as Portugal’s colonial governor in Angola in the 1970s]]]]]]]  [ed notes;his father was a viceroy for colonialism in africa,for the fascist dictator(us backed) Salazar(later overthrown in portuguese carnation revolution)“My father was an admirer of what he called ‘small history,’ minor developments with a huge impact,” Ribeiro e Castro said. “Naturalizing the Sephardim could be that.”
[ed notes:There is no doubt his father was influenced and supportive of the Zionist backed apartheid regime in south africa,and vice versa…both supported each other ,before.during,and after Angolas civil war…
For the law to have any impact, bureaucrats in Lisbon first need to address a host of complications. The Portuguese Bar Association already has warned that the law could compromise the constitutional principle of equality before the law.And then there are practical issues.”Differentiating between Jews whose families were exiled [from] Spain and those who fled Portugal is very difficult,” said Jose Oulman Carp, president of Lisbon’s Jewish community. “Clearly the Jewish communities [of Portugal] will need to be consulted on the screening process and we can provide some input, but the distinction is nearly impossible in many cases.”
[ed note;i can assure you this move,is another agenda in wich the zionists will extort money from Portugal,and demand reperations…though jews were expelled from portugal(al andaluz),its important readers know that not all were expelled,that indeed the most powerful of them,were granted refuge in the portuguese knights templar stronghold city of tomar… http://www.templarknights.eu/about-tomar/
templars and later masonry is built upon same foundations …jewish mysticism,and occult practices…

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