Lebanon: Popular movement How poison is trapped in honey?

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

The movement, which began “popularly and spontaneously by good people who carried the right demands,” as Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah described it, was accompanied by a wave of interference by embassies, regional and western countries, political parties and anyone who works to settle its scores. Sayyed, who stressed that “the situation in Lebanon has entered the circle of international and regional political targeting, which employs internal actors,” warned that there are “working to raise social, security and political tensions that will take the country to civil war.”

Information, data and doubts about luring the country into chaos and civil war, which Nasrallah spoke about, which confirms that external parties are preparing a plan to target Lebanon, taking advantage of the demands of the people and their poverty and hunger.

In this context, writer and political analyst Johnny Munir believes that “what the movement achieved in its early days of mass mobilization, attracting foreign and Arab bodies and intelligence services to exploit it in order to achieve its interests,” explaining that “the movement that began spontaneously and began from the pain of people, began external He used it to create chaos and drag the country towards escalation. ”

Mounir points out that “Gulf funds are paid and advanced, in all fields, in order to poison the honey and turn people’s demands from living demands to political demands that affect Hezbollah and its weapons in the first place,” adding that “the Gulf side is working to pressure Hezbollah in all ways. Whatever the cost of the accounts.

Mounir, in his interview with Al-Ahd news site, said that “the Western parties have a different vision and methods from the Gulf sides in dealing with the movement.” Chaos, for complicated regional considerations. ”

He explains that “several things prevent the Westerners from taking any step that explodes the situation, starting with:” First: the tone of calm adopted by the West to resolve the Syrian crisis recently, secondly: their concern to keep the Lebanese border with the occupied territories calm, and third: their consideration Any chaos in Lebanon will open the border for Syrian refugees towards Europe. Fourth, the choice to go to chaos is not the best option to put pressure on Hizbullah and the experiences have proved that, and fifth, the tendency of French and American companies to invest in Lebanese gas at sea.

Mounir pointed out that “the American position explained by Mr. Nasrallah, all what is said in the embassies, not to support the overthrow of the government is a liar, unimportant what they say, and importantly what their intelligence services work on the ground and under the table.”

Mounir expects that the current situation will be directed towards the government reshuffle, especially as “Hezbollah refuses to change the government,” saying that the government can not return the country to “before the movement as if nothing, so the seriousness of the government amendment and the reform paper is a test before The government at the moment. ”

On the street’s acceptance of the government amendment, Munir believes that part of the street may reject the proposal, but the other part will say: “We have achieved what we can achieve,” adding that “this situation may prompt the Americans to ask the Gulf to stop providing suspicious support to the movement, what It will lead to the decline of his masses gradually. ”

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