Pope meets Zionist religious leaders


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Benedict XVI urges Israel’s chief rabbi, chief imam and Latin patriarch to ‘educate’ their followers to ‘deeper understanding’ of members of different religions

ed note–this (as well as  many others) is one of the reasons that a growing number of Christians prefer to remain at home on Sundays rather than be identified with any institutionalized Christian church. The Pope, hands-down the most powerful, influential Christian leader in the world shaking hands with Israel’s chief Rabbi, WHOSE VERY EXISTENCE IS THE REJECTION OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND RIGHTEOUS AND THE DEFILEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST, proves that the Catholic Church–through the person of its leader–is like any other Western government–emasculated, conquered and controlled top-to-bottom by Jewish interests. The only difference between the Pope and head cases like John Hagee is that the Pope maintains a certain amount of decorum in his slavish worship of the beast whilst Hagee & co are willing to prostrate themselves in front of every camera in the world and perform the most lewd, lurid acts in showing their ‘love’ of all things Jewish.

If he were truly worth his weight he would drive Metzger out of his church with a whip while referring to him as one of the devil’s children, just as Jesus Christ did in His own day.


Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday urged the leaders of religious communities in Israel whom he received at the Vatican to “educate” their followers to a “deeper understanding” of members of different religions, stating that the relationship with God must be “a force for peace”.

Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Archbishop Fouad Twal, Chief Imam of Israel Mohammed Kiwan and the leader of the Druze community, Moufak Rate, were received together for a meeting, which is a continuation of interfaith dialogue of Assisi.

‘Openness to cooperation with people of different traditions’ (Photo: EPA)

“We have the grave responsibility to educate members of our respective religious communities, with the aim of developing a greater understanding of each other and an openness to cooperation with people of different traditions,” the pope told them.

“The relationship between man and God is a force for peace,” he said, once again rejecting “violence in the name of religion.”

“May God hear the prayers of all men and all women who ask for peace for Jerusalem,” said Benedict XVI.

Last month, the pope met with some 300 dignitaries of all religions in Assisi, Umbria for a time of reflection and dialogue for peace.

Rabbi David Rosen represented the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The next day, Benedict stressed the “special relationship” between Christians and Jews.

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