Police Raid in UK’s Birmingham Linked to London Terror Attack


A police raid in Birmingham is linked to the London terrorist act, UK media reported Thursday.

UK Police

A raid in the UK city of Birmingham is linked to the terrorist act on London’s Westminster Bridge that led to five deaths on Wednesday, UK media reported Thursday.

“A police raid overnight in Birmingham is linked to the London terror attack,” the Sky broadcaster said, citing sources, on its Twitter account.

​Local media reported earlier that the vehicle used in the attack, registered in the city of Chelmsford in Essex county, may have been rented out of Birmingham.

Moreover, arrests have been made in a police raid in the UK city of Birmingham linked to the terrorist act on London’s Westminster Bridge where five were killed and dozens injured on Wednesday, national media reported Thursday.

“Arrests made in police raid in Birmingham which is linked to Westminster terror attack,” the Sky broadcaster cited its sources as saying via Twitter.

​Its sources previously indicated there was a link between the Birmingham raid and the deadly London attack.

Meanwhile, UK police have made seven arrests related to the Wednesday terrorist attack in the center of London, Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Rowley said on Thursday.

“Hundreds of detectives have been working through the night… and made seven arrests,”  Rowley said at a press conference.

The police official added that the investigations across the country were ongoing.

“At this stage we have no explicit information about further threats to the public,”  the acting deputy commissioner said.

Rowley reiterated that the police would not at this time reveal the name of the suspected attacker.

On Wednesday, an attacker hit several people while driving on Westminster Bridge. He then tried to enter the Houses of Parliament, armed with a knife. After stabbing a police officer, who was later confirmed dead at the scene, the attacker was shot.

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