Police hold Racist Zionist hoopster for blood-libel joke on Facebook


‘There’s nothing like starting the holiday with matza dipped in the blood of Christian and Muslim children,’ reads post on Israeli basketball player’s Facebook page.

ed note–my, my/lookey, lookey–serious enough that it actually involved the Israeli police.

The only problem with ‘jokes’ like this is that in truth it is NOT a joke. As much as organized Jewish interests constantly screech ‘BLOOD LIBEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ whenever someone brings up the issue of Jews killing gentile children and using their blood in their Matzo, the fact is that IT HAPPENED, something recently documented by Israeli historian Ariel Toaf in his book ‘Blood Passover’.

The Jewish Holocaust is the only thing that is untouchable as far as research or freedom of speech/freedom of thought is concerned. When it is turned around however and the topic becomes what Jews did to Christians (rather than what Christians did to Jews) well, then suddenly we need to ‘study’ the issue and come up with ‘alternative’ explanations. However, when it turns out that INDEED the prevailing opinion on the matter is supported by historical research, as in the case of Ariel Toaff’s work, it must be quashed and made an odious thing that is not discussed.


Ido Kozikaro, Gilboa/Galil’s center, was interrogated under caution by Afula police on Monday because of an off-color post on his Facebook page.

“There’s nothing like starting the holiday with matza dipped in the blood of Christian and Muslim children,” the post read in Hebrew on the basketball player’s page.

Kozikaro was making a joke based on the blood libels that have been made against Jews over the centuries. A member of the Gilboa regional council filed the complaint.

Kozikaro apologized and was released on his own recognizance. 

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