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It’s just been revealed that two big private healthcare companies are plotting to rig the future of our NHS. On Tuesday, Capita and United Healthcare are planning to schmooze leading GPs at a conference in London – the GPs now in charge of deciding the future of local health services. [1]

The big private companies have got the money to gain influence and access. But together, we can use people power to level the playing field – and invite doctors to our own patient-sponsored event down the road, just after their conference finishes.

Capita and United Healthcare hope GPs will stick around for free drinks on them. Instead we can tempt them over to a very different kind of event! They’ll have the chance to hear from experts explaining the role patients can play in helping to protect our NHS – and why they need to listen to us, not just big business.

Can you chip in £1 to become an event sponsor? We’ll put up the names of all the sponsors as GPs arrive at the event. The contrast with the big money corporate sponsorship over the road couldn’t be clearer. And the GPs will see just how many of us are ready to keep up the pressure to safeguard our health service.

Are you in? Click here now to donate £1 and add your name to the list of sponsors:

Number of members sponsoring the event so far

Tuesday’s event is a prime opportunity to start a new conversation with GP leaders. Lansley’s NHS changes mean crucial decisions about the future of our NHS are now in these GPs’ hands. [2] We can show them that 38 Degrees members will be watching their decisions carefully – and that we plan to do all we can to protect our NHS.

We don’t have a lot of time to pull this together. But that’s the power of our movement. 38 Degrees members can move quickly when we get a chance like this to stand up for our NHS. Already we’ve got a venue, and a panel of healthcare professionals and experts lined up to speak. Zoe Williams, a Guardian columnist who has written about our NHS campaign has agreed to chair. Now it just needs you to make it happen.

A few weeks ago 38 Degrees members voted overwhelmingly to carry on campaigning to save our NHS. This is our chance to get down to business.

Please help show the GPs that the future of the NHS doesn’t have to be all about private companies and big money sponsorship – chip in £1 now:

Thanks so much for helping make this happen,

David, Becky, James, Hannah, David, Cian, Marie and the 38 Degrees team

PS: Do you know someone in the new clinical commissioning groups who’d like to come along to the event? Get them to send an email to [email protected].


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